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January 25, 2011

creative pizza making

by izabela

i love when my daughter comes to me and says she is making dinner

recently she wanted to make a pizza

so i just kept doing my own things and they made me a pizza too

and it was beautiful heart shaped pizza πŸ™‚

very delicious

creative kitchen

creative kitchen

creative kitchen

creative kitchen


pizza made by my daughter - yummy

my pizza ready to go into the oven πŸ™‚


just listed in my shop

this lovely red neckwarmer

this blog post should remind you a little about this creation πŸ™‚

crochet neckwarmer with tree pattern

buttoned up crochet neckwarmer

December 22, 2010

while they play…

by izabela

…i play too

have i told you yet how gorgeous children i have?


well they really are

my 10 years old son gets some amazing ideas sometimes

and just when two others are building garages for cars

he built his own name

just for fun

that’s my boy




and my 12 years old daughter

she is very active

she has to do things and be moving

if not she gets bored easily

few minutes outside

and i have guards in front of my door

keeping an eye on everything πŸ™‚



enjoy your holidays


November 22, 2010

those happy moments

by izabela

i love to spend time with my children

i love to watch how they grow play discover create…


kids painting


one of those moments was yesterday

and they made me happy yesterday quite a few times as well πŸ™‚

sometimes i think the are more inventive and creative than me

my son’s dinner always has to look different

this is just sunday roasted chicken, veggies and mashed potatoes

(the plate isn’t finished yet, we missing some gravy here – he added this later πŸ™‚ )


my son's meal


don’t ask me why

but be sure this happens at every meal πŸ˜‰



October 11, 2010

the weekend…

by izabela


my new camera is just great πŸ™‚

September 11, 2010

we have a new addition to the family…

by izabela

more than a week ago, a friend of mine was looking for the home for two lovely dogs, six years old nelly and two years old tyson, my children were asking me for any pet for years, but i always thought that they are too young to care for one, but if tyson didn’t find a home and he is a bit big dog he would end up in a rescue place and i really didn’t want that


so there he is, lovely staffodshire bull terrier mixed with labrador, he is really calm and lovely, loves kids and walking i think he fell in love with us from the first day πŸ™‚


and we went to the seaside and had a superb time – unfortunately the photos aren’t too good as i still didn’t have any camera…


September 7, 2010

flickr favorites – happy

by izabela

this week’s flickr favorites are themed as this is the first week of the month, the theme is happy, so the mosaic should be built on what makes you happy

i thought that i am such a happy girl, actually anything makes me happy, so it could be hard to find my favorite happy – in the end i decided that i choose a few things that make me feel best and that is it, my happy mosaic… missing a lot of things happy but at least you know me more from now πŸ™‚

my family always makes me happy, my children, now we have a dog too, they can be bad, loud, naughty or sweet as sugar but that is it – they always make me happy πŸ™‚

then comes a chocolate, if you see me in a bad mood bring me some of it and i smile straight away πŸ™‚

of course if i can find time to create things i am happy as a bunny – most of the time this is crocheting, but many times i do some other creative activities as well

and dance – i am not a dancer, but i love it, i listen to all sorts of music, but if i can dance i feel great, and on the photo there is Rachel Brice, one of my favorite dancers (tribal, belly dance, cabaret – she mixes a lot in a fantastic way)


what makes me happy


1. TF9: Rachel Brice (CA), 2. Chocolate Tower – 19th February 2009, 3. Go on creating, 4. The Finger Family


and if you want to share your favorite photos too, go to artmind’s blog here


September 1, 2010

new makes

by izabela

i thought that this is the perfect time to start making something, this shawl in very loud colors needs to be finished, so i keep making few stitches everyday and i am almost done with it now, the colors are fantastic and if it wasn’t going straight to my shop i would wear it myself…

crochet shawl

crochet shawl


photos are not too perfect because are taken with my mobile, but i am preparing to buy new camera and soon will have a great toy to play with πŸ™‚


and my children used to collect those tiny toys – go go’es crazy bones and now they are back to it as there is new series, they are bit different now and so cute…

go go 'es

crazy bones

August 23, 2010

i had a long holidays…

by izabela

visited my country all the family, friends, been camping, walking, swimming and partying too, that was my first holidays I didn’t want to go back home from…

now time to get a little reality, back to everyday life and work and crochet as I haven’t even touched a crochet hook at all…

June 21, 2010

today was a fun day

by izabela

as Sunday is normally a fun day we were spending it almost all out and about…


i think they had best fun ever climbing on this wall, i wasn’t able to move too much today (female things) but i was having fun taking photos


i love to dress up mixing finds from thrift and charity stores, maybe that is why i want to share my today’s look, the dress was a lovely very black dress i got recently in a charity shop (by warehouse), then when I washed it in a washing machine the black color faded but it still a lovely dress, the jacket is really old as i bought it like ten years ago in a second hand shop back in Poland and i had it and loved it but i think that are its lasts days because the fabric got a little too stretched anyway still doing its job (by mexx), then a handbag is the perfect shape of a handbag for me, got it in a charity shop couple of months ago, has got hundreds of little pockets that make me always lost looking for everything, then my shoes are not from any second hand source, but they are now my favorite ones, just bought them and love them (by skechers)

outfit for sunday

hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are ready for work


June 13, 2010

today was my birthday and…

by izabela

i enjoyed it totally, was spoilt by my children, went to see my friends and look what she made… the lovliest cake I ever seen and one of the yummiest too πŸ™‚


my birthday cake


thank you all bloggers, twitterers and other online friends for your wishes


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