we have a new addition to the family…

by izabela

more than a week ago, a friend of mine was looking for the home for two lovely dogs, six years old nelly and two years old tyson, my children were asking me for any pet for years, but i always thought that they are too young to care for one, but if tyson didn’t find a home and he is a bit big dog he would end up in a rescue place and i really didn’t want that


so there he is, lovely staffodshire bull terrier mixed with labrador, he is really calm and lovely, loves kids and walking i think he fell in love with us from the first day đŸ™‚


and we went to the seaside and had a superb time – unfortunately the photos aren’t too good as i still didn’t have any camera…



One Comment to “we have a new addition to the family…”

  1. Good luck with your new member of the family and well done for taking him on. Rescues are full of this type of dog and all too often they are stuck there for years or face a horrible alternative. We’ve always had dogs and children and it has made for a very happy if chaotic household.

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