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February 13, 2013

wedding jewellery

by izabela

recently i have applied for a wedding fair in craft central in london

and my application was accepted

i am crazy working now every day to prepare for this event, because i got so many new ideas and so many fixes to existing designs

of course i will be posting photos of the puff soon

but today please say hello to my beaded and crocheted jewellery line

these are only working photos but i hope they are exciting enough

my  new delicate crochet jewellery


photo of beaded and crocheted necklaces

photo of the crochet necklace worn as a bracelet


i hope you like the tiny flowers wrapped around your wrist

i can make them in many colors and this is grand because the world without colors wouldn’t be worth exploring…


almost forgot:

if you are around maidenhead some time this year – our pop up shop is now back

we are open from wednesday to sunday

our cabinets and stands are full of handcrafted goods made by artisans from the area

and you are all invited

for the next five weeks we are next to clinton cards in nicholsons shopping centre

and after that we are moving to the next empty shop

here is the map of the centre of maidenhead where you can find us:

see u soon 🙂

January 19, 2011

my creative space… experimenting with crochet

by izabela

for those who know me a little

this will not be any surprise

if you read my blog

or read my old blog

you know how much i love new things

i mean making new things


i made this necklace after playing with dorset buttons

i bought from big blue bed

alix makes those handmade petit dorset buttons

and sells them in her etsy shop

and i had an idea from the day i saw them first time

it is now available in my etsy shop



newest creation

dorset buttons and crochet necklace


but that is not the end of my crochet jewellery fun

look at this and wonder 😉

that is my next thing… not finished yet of course  🙂


spheric crochet

my spheric crochet experiments


and just to share with you

a little sample for a customer

crochet flowers that already were called NANO 😉



nano crochet

tiny crochet flowers

crochet daisies

tiny crochet daisies

more creative spaces on kootoyoo’s blog

September 23, 2010

folksy friday – paper flower

by izabela

aren’t they just lovely? flowers made from paper and flowers in general, i made this little mosaic searching for things on folksy that have been tagged with “paper” and “flower”

like you already haven’t noticed – flowers is my favorite subject ever 🙂

paper flower mosaic

if you ready, there are links to shops

tactile handmade journal with flower by ruth ann originals

wedding flower ball by abbigale

pink paper rose hair clips by ickle imogen

origami paper flower bouquet by raspberry designs



June 9, 2010

i had a lovely bunch of chrysantemums…

by izabela

i had those lovely yellow chrysants that they would last a couple of weeks more, but my baby, oh my baby…

have look, because i won’t say a thing…


yellow chrysantemum

yellow chrysantemum

my baby


and to explain myself why i did not see the damage soon enough look what i have made…


Black Crochet Earrings

crochet flowers necklace


finished and sent off to customers 🙂


June 3, 2010

new makes…

by izabela

i don’t think i am a good blogger, i am trying more or less (now more) but i would love to post lovely articles to inspire you and some about fashion and some about nature living and herbs… but unfortunately my writing skills are not good enough to keep it as a good writing, so many times i just give up… after some time of course i pick up posting and until my perfectionism tells me that i don’t like my writing i keep up… and so on… 🙂

but being quite happy at the moment i share my latest makes with all of you hoping that you like what you see… this is all very bright and shiny things here don’t know how fashionable they are but i am sure they will make anyone feel special…

Crochet Flowers Necklace

Crochet Flower Dangle Earrings

Multicolored Crochet Flower Necklace

May 27, 2010

my creative space…

by izabela

I am sitting at home today as I thought I broke my toe, went to the hospital to check it and fortunately there is nothing broken, only badly bruised and will have to stay at home for a few more days… so I did make couple of flowers for the necklace i designed

work in progress - flower necklace

today is thursday so i am sharing my creative space photo with everyone at Kootoyoo’s blog, go and see more spaces and enjoy…

crochet necklace in progress

I finished a lovely turquoise necklace and pair of earrings which I am going to take with me to a We Make London craft fair next month and I hope some more in different colors too

so how do you like it?

flowery set - crochet earrings and necklace in turquoise cotton yarn

May 26, 2010

flowers for crafting…

by izabela

just listed some crochet flowers in my Folksy shop, they are tiny and can be used as embellishments and as a scrap-booking material, or to adorn your clothes and accessories

double petal crochet flowers

single crochet flowers

i have another flowery idea in my head and already started making more little flowers – it is going to be a long colorful necklace, I hope it is going to work as I imagine…

May 13, 2010


by izabela

>i am never having too much of a crafting on Thursdays as this is one of the days I am at my day time job, but this job is creative too 🙂

so to share with you all what I did today and a little bit how my creative space looks just right now…

and couple of things I started making recently

to see more creative spaces go to Kotoyoo and enjoy 🙂


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April 28, 2010


by izabela

>ok so I would love to introduce to you my crazy little gang of three…

Nina, Emi-kuku and Fifi of course these are not their real names but the names that we use almost everyday to call them

they love to draw, all of them and thanks for the Spring, because they spent most of their time outside 🙂

I forgot to mention here but couple of weeks ago, I bought this in my local charity shop, this is going to make my life so much easier, because it is a TRIPOD… something I never had yet, but definitely was missing it all the time…

and this is my first photo using it, it is not perfect, but I love it… next ones were showing too much in some places so I am not going to share 😉

and flowers for this week are here

chrysanthemums – really long lasting flowers if someone asks me

July 1, 2009


by izabela

>just a quick post as I have some great news for you…

if you are by any reason, near Winchester this Sunday (between 10.30am and 4.30pm) please pop in to Handm@de Winchester fair in Guildhall and see me as I am offering 20% discount off the marked price on all items for those who mention my real name or my Crafteroo or Twitter ID or my blog name and (!) sign up for the newsletter 🙂

so looking forward to see you

and a little preview of what I am going to have there

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