those happy moments

by izabela

i love to spend time with my children

i love to watch how they grow play discover create…


kids painting


one of those moments was yesterday

and they made me happy yesterday quite a few times as well 🙂

sometimes i think the are more inventive and creative than me

my son’s dinner always has to look different

this is just sunday roasted chicken, veggies and mashed potatoes

(the plate isn’t finished yet, we missing some gravy here – he added this later 🙂 )


my son's meal


don’t ask me why

but be sure this happens at every meal 😉



3 Comments to “those happy moments”

  1. Oh Jezz, your kids are gorgeous! And there are clearly no limits to their creativity!

  2. oh my goodness how fast your little one has grown ! wow i love the dinner plate!

  3. They look so lovely.

    Chidlren are amazingly creatuve aren’t they.

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