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June 28, 2013

meet me at the camden lock market next friday

by izabela

please remember the date 5th july

it is next friday

and if you are in the camden town area you may find me together with we make london designers showing and selling our creations, i am bringing some of my new jewellery that has never been seen yet so be sure to check it out 🙂




and my newest necklace in my shop is now available online as well 🙂


May 13, 2013

my shrug is in the magazine

by izabela

i so missed you and the real blogging thing

i can’t say much what is going on right now because it is all happening so fast

changing form day to day you would get bored if i shared that all ;D

but as i have some really exciting news to share (that should be blogged long time ago)

here it is all:

i have been asked if i don’t mind to appear in the wedding feature in the inside crochet magazine (of course i don’t mind, i would looooooove to 😀 ) i agreed and the magazine is out and i am sharing yesterday news, but still exciting to me…

my shrug featured in the magazine :)

and that is not all from my very exciting news to share with my best blogging friends and other readers

after meeting lovely Judith from Fringe gallery in london i now can say that you can buy my jewellery there and if you are anywhere near alexandra park road you have to go and visit this gallery, it is probably the nicest place to be, to buy beautiful yarns, fine cotton threads, vintage threads, buttons, trimmings, probably everything you need to keep your textile hobby going and definitely best place to be inspired by textile artists producing textile artwork and jewellery in such a unique way… and if that was not enough – you can also find variety of workshops that can help you learn some new craft techniques

and here you have the photo of the delicate crochet lace earrings in progress – same that can be found at the Fringe gallery

earrings in progress

April 14, 2013

New pattern and request

by izabela

For those who love to make things especially to crochet I have good news

I made up new pattern that is going live next week

it is another pattern to make soleless crochet sandals

and get the new look for summer

crochet barefoot sandals

crochet barefoot sandals

crochet barefoot sandals

crochet barefoot sandals


and to all of you who like my patterns and follow me and my work

i would like to ask for help:

 i am going to take part in big handmade show this year

and need some support

I have started a campaign on indiegogo where anyone can contribute and help me with that

so if you can spare a pound or two (or more)

please do

and if you can please also share wherever you can

i will be thankful forever

March 4, 2013

little progress with puffs

by izabela

i am just about to show you where the crochet puffs are at the moment, but be prepared because i didn’t get too far, some other things are being made at the same time and taking all my time – anyway this is a different story

the two puffs one lovely olive green and the other that supposed to be orange but there was no orange yarn in that yarn so i chose salmon, the photos are not showing the real color and it looks pink, but if you trust me you will believe me – it is salmon color

so here they are, i hope you all like them, if not sorry – next time i will try better

progress on crochet puffs

making of crochet puffs

and one more thing, second necklace from the flower falls collection (first one blogged here) is now ready to buy online

go and check it in my shop


February 25, 2013

tv and drama

by izabela

just discovered a thing about myself, that i didn’t know

i always loved tv and series and films etc to watch in my spare time (or rather to watch while i do my crocheting)

but i just noticed that if i don’t have no tv series to watch on regularly – my life seems so empty

i mean i know it is not empty – i have my family, lovely children, nice job, great hobby and small business

also a dog, friends and small garden to take care of – i am actually quite a happy person,

but nothing is as good as watching some good tv drama (best if it is a crime one for me)

films – yes, but they just seem so flat when everything ends after couple of hours

this waiting for the next “what is going to happen tomorrow” is the thing that i need every day

without that i am not myself ;p

so to all the producers in the world – please do something that will keep me going 😉

and to makers of “prison break” why only 4 seasons?


and if any of you missed my new jewellery

first piece is already on sale on my website 🙂

flower fall crochet necklace

and more in the craft coop pop up shop in maidenhead

visit us if you around

we are open from wednesday to sunday

between 11am and 5pm

in nicholson’s shopping centre

crochet flower necklaces in craft coop shop

February 13, 2013

wedding jewellery

by izabela

recently i have applied for a wedding fair in craft central in london

and my application was accepted

i am crazy working now every day to prepare for this event, because i got so many new ideas and so many fixes to existing designs

of course i will be posting photos of the puff soon

but today please say hello to my beaded and crocheted jewellery line

these are only working photos but i hope they are exciting enough

my  new delicate crochet jewellery


photo of beaded and crocheted necklaces

photo of the crochet necklace worn as a bracelet


i hope you like the tiny flowers wrapped around your wrist

i can make them in many colors and this is grand because the world without colors wouldn’t be worth exploring…


almost forgot:

if you are around maidenhead some time this year – our pop up shop is now back

we are open from wednesday to sunday

our cabinets and stands are full of handcrafted goods made by artisans from the area

and you are all invited

for the next five weeks we are next to clinton cards in nicholsons shopping centre

and after that we are moving to the next empty shop

here is the map of the centre of maidenhead where you can find us:

see u soon 🙂

January 28, 2013

the cuff

by izabela

new cuff that is now ready to buy in my shop

i just love making things using vintage finds

and that design is my all time favorite

January 23, 2013

another beautiful color for my favorite necklace

by izabela

another beautiful color for my favorite necklace

photo of the delicate crochet necklace in maroon

photo of the flower necklace in maroon

Beautiful delicate crochet flower necklace (or bracelet if you wish 😉 )

just added to my website,

please feel free to comment and buy of course 😀

May 19, 2011

a flower gemstone

by izabela

do you remember my little makes some time ago?

i can finally show you how they look when finished

they are really cute little earrings

they measure about 2cm in diameter plus 1.5cm earwire

now available in my shop 🙂

photo of tiger eye and crochet earrings

photo of crochet earrings

photo of crochet flower earrings

photo of crochet flower earrings


i am also working few hours a week for jewellery designer in london

and would love to share with you what i am making, but i don’t think that is a very good idea

but don’t worry when they are only ready to show

you’ll be the first see my work here

that is so exciting 🙂


February 23, 2011

purple fingerless mittens

by izabela

my very recent finished gloves

romantic fingerless gloves in purple

they can also be ordered in many other colors

depending of course on the yarn availability

fingerless gloves with a bow

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