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June 28, 2013

meet me at the camden lock market next friday

by izabela

please remember the date 5th july

it is next friday

and if you are in the camden town area you may find me together with we make london designers showing and selling our creations, i am bringing some of my new jewellery that has never been seen yet so be sure to check it out 🙂




and my newest necklace in my shop is now available online as well 🙂


May 19, 2011

a flower gemstone

by izabela

do you remember my little makes some time ago?

i can finally show you how they look when finished

they are really cute little earrings

they measure about 2cm in diameter plus 1.5cm earwire

now available in my shop 🙂

photo of tiger eye and crochet earrings

photo of crochet earrings

photo of crochet flower earrings

photo of crochet flower earrings


i am also working few hours a week for jewellery designer in london

and would love to share with you what i am making, but i don’t think that is a very good idea

but don’t worry when they are only ready to show

you’ll be the first see my work here

that is so exciting 🙂


October 26, 2010


by izabela

i am really, really sorry for such late post with my winners

but i had my mum staying with me for the weekend and i didn’t expect that this will take all my free time

such a shame she left now, would like to keep her longer here – maybe next time



i loved all your answers and guesses, there wasn’t one 100% hit with a guess but a lot of guesses were really close

anyway i said that is only a fun game to try to guess as this could really be anything 🙂

this is very christmas color indeed and pattern as well

little red trees

this may make a lovely christmas gift for a female friend or family member

it isn’t finished yet

but this is going to be a warm cowl or neck-warmer

made from blend of extra fine merino, acrylic microfibre and cashmere

very very soft



and as there was two different kind of guesses

  • very close guesses
  • just guesses

i thought that i draw two from the first box

and one from the second box



Kitschy Coo


and Aimee


visit my folksy shop

here you can find all the different earrings patterns

choose one and let me know in what color would you like it made…


i am off to contact you about the details


thank you all for taking part in this little game

i hope you all enjoyed

and i see you next time 🙂


October 15, 2010

try to guess what i am making and win some lovely earrings…

by izabela

can someone stop my head and new ideas? i so would like to focus on some designs i already know and write them down,

but this is so time taking, i am amazed by all the designers having their designs published,

how they do it i don’t know

my first proper pattern is almost written down…



anyway, just did a little shopping lovely wool and cotton

i think my wool madness just came back 🙂

just started something new

and just had an idea

if you want to play a little game here on my blog,

you will be able to win a pair of earrings made for you in your chosen color

there will be three pairs of earrings to win…


and the question is

what i am making from this lovely red wool?

there is a week to try to answer it…

i will announce winners next saturday, but you can still post your answers and guesses and you can give as many answers as you like

each additional guess counts as separate vote



three closest answers are the winning ones 🙂

the time is until mid day 23rd of october (12 o’clock, london time)

so off you go and tell all your friends…

all the right answers will take part in a draw saturday afternoon

good luck to all 🙂



September 21, 2010

flickr favorites – tomatoes

by izabela

for today’s flickr favorites theme i decided to use tomatoes i was trying to grow them this year but as we don’t have a garden only little dark patio i think it ws much too dark for them so i didnt get as many as when we used to have a garden 😦

those photos make me think of better way to grow them next year

or at least to dream about moving to the place with a garden


1. Tomatoes having a bath, 2. happiness is a warm tomato, 3. Roasted Tomato Soup, 4. Home canned crushed tomatoes

so enjoy this yummy mosaic and go to artmind’s blog to see more favorites and play as well – you can make your own mosaic just here on big huge labs website


June 9, 2010

i had a lovely bunch of chrysantemums…

by izabela

i had those lovely yellow chrysants that they would last a couple of weeks more, but my baby, oh my baby…

have look, because i won’t say a thing…


yellow chrysantemum

yellow chrysantemum

my baby


and to explain myself why i did not see the damage soon enough look what i have made…


Black Crochet Earrings

crochet flowers necklace


finished and sent off to customers 🙂


May 19, 2010


by izabela

>I have to start preparing myself for my next craft fair as i am running out of stock a little so i am making my Delicate Necklaces and going to make more earrings, there is a little bell ringing in my head to start on something new but i dont know if i find the time for it…

as the time is running fast i am going to invite you all to come to London to We Make London Spectacular at Chelsea Town Hall and see and buy from local artists and makers the most unique and original things… i will remind on this blog closer to the date about the venue, but put it in your diaries 26th June 2010, from 11am to 5pm

some time ago I made this lovely top and sent it to someone and if you would like to meet her go to her blog here, she is a fantastic crocheter and keeps this great blog and also other one where she wrote about my top

thank you so much Aileen 🙂

April 24, 2010


by izabela

>a quick post just to show you latest photos of the commission I am working on… and you probably already know this top from previous photos… I already made four of them and definitely need to make one for myself 🙂

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April 22, 2010


by izabela

>i just wanted to show you all how my desk looks this week, I didn’t have time for nothing but work so everything landed on the side, more and more each day…

working on granny squares, finishing shawl and mittens and some gardening, just no time left for nothing else…

and just started my newest commission Red Lacy top in bright red

oh and last thing, my boy is really an artist, he just won The Easter Art competition in his year at school isn’t it pretty? have a look yourself

November 15, 2009

>Short Fingerless Mittens With A Bow

by izabela

>if you want to have a look how I used my crochet bows, here they are:

funky fingerless crochet mittens to keep your hand warm during Autumn, adorned with red crochet bow and vintage button

they are cute and perfect as a gift for your daughter or a girlfriend

made in 30% alpaca and 70% wool blend in yellow-green

one size

of course I making more of them and in more colors and if you would like them little bigger or smaller this is not going to be a problem…

in my shop

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