flickr favorites – tomatoes

by izabela

for today’s flickr favorites theme i decided to use tomatoes i was trying to grow them this year but as we don’t have a garden only little dark patio i think it ws much too dark for them so i didnt get as many as when we used to have a garden 😦

those photos make me think of better way to grow them next year

or at least to dream about moving to the place with a garden


1. Tomatoes having a bath, 2. happiness is a warm tomato, 3. Roasted Tomato Soup, 4. Home canned crushed tomatoes

so enjoy this yummy mosaic and go to artmind’s blog to see more favorites and play as well – you can make your own mosaic just here on big huge labs website



6 Comments to “flickr favorites – tomatoes”

  1. mmm love the tomato soup :=D yummy!
    great selection!

  2. Your mosaic reminded me to remind my grandma to make some special tomatoes sauce for the winter. Deliciously divine!

  3. tomatoes gallore! Just harvested the last ones from our veggie patch… yum!

  4. Lovely mosaic!
    Tomate soup one of my favourite meals when i was a little kid and still loveing it!

  5. My partner has been growing loads of tomatoes this year. The weather wasn’t the best for them though but we did manage to can some like in the last picture and I can’t wait to make soup with ‘fresh’ tomatoes in winter.
    Hmmm, yummy mosaic! 🙂

  6. Love the tomatoes having a bath!


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