by izabela

>i just wanted to show you all how my desk looks this week, I didn’t have time for nothing but work so everything landed on the side, more and more each day…

working on granny squares, finishing shawl and mittens and some gardening, just no time left for nothing else…

and just started my newest commission Red Lacy top in bright red

oh and last thing, my boy is really an artist, he just won The Easter Art competition in his year at school isn’t it pretty? have a look yourself


8 Comments to “>JUST A LITTLE MESS…”

  1. >What mess? Looks pretty tidy to me. You should see the amount of crafty bits I have to tidy up before my parents arrive later. I've already been tidying for a few hours and still have more to do! (On lunch break now)Well done your son! Lovely pic

  2. >Hi its been a busy 10 days or so and I'm just catching up on everyone's blogs that I follow.Please don't remind me, my desk needs a tidy too.I'm off to catch up on your other posts.

  3. >Awwww….I love the Jesus picture! He is positively radiant 🙂

  4. >Fantastic! Love the are too!

  5. >What a talented boy you have. Your desk is similar to how mine often looks. I am usually in the middle of something card-y and something jewel-y, so I have bits everywhere. I am considering sorting out all my craft boxes as I am sure that I have forgotten about half of the things I own!

  6. >aww well done to your son – lovely drawing :o)and you call that a mess? ha ha ha HA! you should see my work space!

  7. >Your desk looks just like our house. It means you are a busy person.

  8. >Yes not too bad. I wonder why we allfeel the need to confess to mess? I did it today too. Its tidy now though. I love the crocheted red top you made yourself in the tripod post.

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