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June 12, 2013

please spare a moment a vote for my design

by izabela

ok readers and crocheters

another request from me – but this time is only a moment of your precious life

can you spare it?

if yes – follow this link and vote for my design to be chosen for shopbevel produce and to be sold by them

thank you very much for all your help


delicate crochet earrings - tea stained

delicate crochet lace earrings, designed by me, made by my hand, stained with tea extract

beautiful and elegant


and please share it with you friends and fans – this really helps


January 18, 2013


by izabela

After the almost two weeks in the new job I can actually say something about it. I know it is only beginning, I have never worked with children, but I really like the constant adventure that comes with working with them – you never know where they are going to take you. Maybe in a few months I will say: “I can’t take it anymore” but so far everyday brings me joy. A girl tells me today: “I really like when you are in our class”, the other girl “You are superb!” I am not going to say anything more as I know that most of us heard something like this – but it definitely makes my day, everyday.

A boy, I am helping in the class has been quite good to me: he can listen, he can draw, he can write and he can read books… I have to learn how to encourage him to try to do more, so he can learn more things that children his age do – it is a challenge but I am 100% positive that I can make it till July and later we’ll see 🙂

Jewellery has now dominated my crochet world, but guess what, it is CROCHETED as always, so many times have I tried to make just beaded pieces or just wire-wrapped – I can only say that those techniques are not for me, whatever I do, has to have a crochet hook as a tool 😉

And I just revamped my bedroom a little to make it more useful for my home work and first things are already popping out 🙂



crochet jewellery

June 6, 2012

Christmas in June :)

by izabela

I know we have got summer now

and it is quite nice some days, but I really wanted to buy those gloves, so I have them

check that amazing quality and beautiful design I found that shop on etsy and I you should check it too 🙂

Dom Klary makes the most amazing and original gloves you can imagine and the quality is best ever 🙂


so yes, definitely visit that shop for some perfect gifts




I have done some more shopping recently and I bought sewing machine, I haven’t started using it but is pretty awesome and can’t wait till after the jewellery show next week to start on some sewing… things are waiting to be fixed and sewn and made for ages now.

And if you would like to know how my website has been doing, check those jewellery pieces I just finished, ready for the show 🙂



delicate crochet necklace

delicate crochet earrings

I hope you all keeping well and warm, especially in this weather…


May 19, 2011

a flower gemstone

by izabela

do you remember my little makes some time ago?

i can finally show you how they look when finished

they are really cute little earrings

they measure about 2cm in diameter plus 1.5cm earwire

now available in my shop 🙂

photo of tiger eye and crochet earrings

photo of crochet earrings

photo of crochet flower earrings

photo of crochet flower earrings


i am also working few hours a week for jewellery designer in london

and would love to share with you what i am making, but i don’t think that is a very good idea

but don’t worry when they are only ready to show

you’ll be the first see my work here

that is so exciting 🙂


September 27, 2010

making earrings…

by izabela

i am making new earrings for next craft fairs (christmas ones) and i am enjoying using my new camera too


i was really missing buying diy books so decided to get a couple of new japanese craft books, i love them so much, just view them from time to time and sometimes i start some new WIPs to probably never finish… hopefully i will finish this one

crochet books

wip in rainbow

September 8, 2010

finding time for everything…

by izabela

…i don’t know what has happened, i cannot find time for nothing since back from holidays, just tried this little bit of crochet and still nothing finished

those tiny black crochet pieces are going to become necklaces and i think they will look pretty cool, i am planning to make couple of different colors and flowers

the white flowers are just an idea still growing in my head, but brown shaded earrings are so much my sort of pattern and color that will have to make more 🙂

progress in jewelry making

April 15, 2010


by izabela

>recently I got an idea to make more earrings but different – more colorful… fell in love with colors and you can see how much, in my creations,

as well I became a member of Crafting In Color Etsy Team which is fantastic, as colors is all i love in life

finished and sent off latest commission – a set Triangular Crochet Shawl and Fingerless Mittens With A Flower all made from my favorite sock yarn…

March 30, 2010

>White Doily Earrings

by izabela


another pair of earrings just went to the owner to Netherlands…
white cotton thread and lovely vintage doily pattern…
the findings are silver plated

the thread is mercerized cotton thread size 70 and I was using 0.75 size crochet hook

the hoops are 1.5 inches in diameter
and long 2.5 inches with the ear-wire

they come in lovely jewellery box ready to give as a gift if needed

more colors and patterns available in my shop 


March 17, 2010

>Green Doily Earrings

by izabela

>newest earrings to get in my shops, delicate, very fine crochet inspired by or made from vintage doily patterns, I make them using 70 or 80 cotton yarn and crochet using size 0.5 to 1.0, I love to make them in all colors available

colors have a huge impact in our lives but sometimes we seem not to notice that – anyway it is good to know something more about them and you can read more about colors and their meaning in life here – Color: Meaning, Symbolism and Psychology

here are the latest earrings

  • Green Crochet Earrings 
delicate and very light hoop earrings to wear everyday

inspired by my love to lace and very fine and delicate crochet and traditional doilies

the findings are silver plated

the thread is mercerized cotton thread size 70 and I was using 0.75 size crochet hook

the hoops are 1.5 inches in diameter
and long 2.5 inches with the ear-wire

they come in lovely jewellery box ready to give as a gift if needed 

    March 4, 2010


    by izabela

    just to let you know that I am featured, I mean my earrings are, on this lovely blog – Tricotin – in between such an inspirational creations… thank you so much Tricotin!

    it is really worth checking as their finds are amazing!

    and some more of my latest earrings


    and the National Crochet Month just started… NatCroMo is in March so let’s do some more crochet then 🙂

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