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June 23, 2015

Crochet drop in sessions

by izabela

Recently I decided to try and offer crochet sessions in our Craft Coop Shop in Maidenhead, you can make something really easy or a little bit more complicated, you can get help with your own project that you are stuck with. Every Wednesday morning from 10:30am to 12:30pm I am there working on my crochet projects.

The choice is for now:

Make cute crochet bow – the bow can be great addition to mittens or a hat or you can make it as hair clip or anything you like – £6 per session, materials and all the help included

>Short Fingerless Mittens With A Bow

Make a crochet flower lariat – flower itself can be sewn onto a scarf, a hat or made into a brooch, but we can make a crochet lariat that can play a role of skinny scarf in the colder days – £6 per session, all materials and help included.


crochet flower lariat scarf

And for next week, 1st July Wednesday 2015, from 10:30am to 12:30pm, I would like to invite you all to make this useful tea light holder that can be hung in the garden when partying outside in the Summer – £10 per session, all materials and help included

crochet tea light holder

September 30, 2013

anyone feeling same?

by izabela

just changed my life again, completely…

not that i complain, but it would be nice to at least, for once, be relaxed

my little business has grown a bit more this year, i work at school now almost full time (that changed two weeks ago, got offered more hours and said yes)

i should be happy, but to make things more difficult for myself i said yes to something else too, do you remember the time from january this year?

i was contacted by her again and said yes, so it seems that i have two full time jobs and two part time jobs, no time to sleep, no time to feel anything

can you tell me why everything has to happen at the same time, why where you are looking to find a job you can’t find anything and when you finally find something you get to choose? i don’t want to choose i still want my crocheting business to grow, i want to work at school with children and i want to freelance weaving beautiful jewellery… and be a mum… i don’t want to give up anything…

so decided to give some work to people that can crochet and would like to do some crochet to earn some extra income in their spare time, if this is you or you know anyone, please contact me through my email at: iz dot igna at gmail dot com

i cannot pay a lot, but trust me it is nice and easy crochet 🙂

i am just too tired to do everything 🙂


there is two photos of my jewellery at my latest fair:

photos from my latest fair photos from my latest fair

June 12, 2013

please spare a moment a vote for my design

by izabela

ok readers and crocheters

another request from me – but this time is only a moment of your precious life

can you spare it?

if yes – follow this link and vote for my design to be chosen for shopbevel produce and to be sold by them

thank you very much for all your help


delicate crochet earrings - tea stained

delicate crochet lace earrings, designed by me, made by my hand, stained with tea extract

beautiful and elegant


and please share it with you friends and fans – this really helps


June 7, 2013

my creative space

by izabela

how are your creative juices working? for me deadlines at the moment

but usually i can never sit sit down doing “nothing” or just watching tv or just sitting in the park

i need to have something in my hands to make because otherwise my brain is attacked by millions of new ideas that i will never be able to do

so making the little crochet mouse for a customer last week made me make more – here they are

little crochet mouse

April 22, 2013

crochet shawl

by izabela

i thought i’d share the project i have started last night

new crochet shawl, perfect for milder cold, like spring, fall or cooler summer days

i am just finishing (still!) two puffs that i have started long time ago

but the cotton yarn i chose is quite heavy so i stop after couple of rows each time

and make something else instead…

anyway i had this beautiful cotton wool blend yarn n the drawer for ages

and decided to start a shawl made out of motifs

motifs are joined as i go to save myself sewing (sewing equals extra work to me so i try to avoid it whenever possible)

new crochet shawl

also i would like to interest you in new royal mail service that i am to try

and it designed to help smaller businesses grow

it is called simple ways to grow

it seems really easy to use so far, it also seems to me that it is quite affordable

and you pay monthly, but you can actually cancel at any time

so to make it more exciting i am gonna use it to invite people to see my jewellery being exhibited at norden farm arts centre

but about all of this soon 🙂


have a look at this beautiful photo taken by me yesterday

when walking to maidenhead to work my shift at the craft coop shop

so dreamy…

dry weeds


and of course my campaign:

who would like to help me to get noticed

it doesn’t have to be big, you can send as little as a £1 or $1 and as much as you like

April 14, 2013

New pattern and request

by izabela

For those who love to make things especially to crochet I have good news

I made up new pattern that is going live next week

it is another pattern to make soleless crochet sandals

and get the new look for summer

crochet barefoot sandals

crochet barefoot sandals

crochet barefoot sandals

crochet barefoot sandals


and to all of you who like my patterns and follow me and my work

i would like to ask for help:

 i am going to take part in big handmade show this year

and need some support

I have started a campaign on indiegogo where anyone can contribute and help me with that

so if you can spare a pound or two (or more)

please do

and if you can please also share wherever you can

i will be thankful forever

April 4, 2013

my old Easter Pattern for egg cozies

by izabela

This is my old pattern back from 2010, that I wanted to have in the same place as my other patterns…

please feel free to use it, make things and sell if you wish…

“designing Easter 2010… granny square egg cozy…

I had this idea for quite a time in my head… a cozy warmer for an egg at Easter time…

why? you ask, I do decorating eggs for Easter, since I remember, once they were two colored, just dyed in onion and then etched with something sharp, which always was my favorite and most popular way to do it… or sometimes painted and colored with food coloring… but always have them for Easter… for me it is a national tradition and you can read more about it here

Granny Square Egg Cozy

I used embroidery thread Pearl Cotton by Anchor, size Perle 8, but it actually can be any fine embroidery floss;

crochet hook 2.0 bigger or smaller to obtain a right gauge

gauge 1 inch by inch – 2,5 pattern repeat **, 4 rows

 special abbreviations: ch – chain, ss – slip stitch, dc – double crochet (treble crochet – UK), sp – space, yo – yarn over;

cluster – (double crochet three together) work 3 dc, all into ch2 space, but omit the last step each time, when you have 4 loops on the hook, yo the hook and then pull through all 4 loops

 starting cluster – ch2 (as first dc), dc2 but leaving the last loop on the hook (like above), yo, pull the yarn through all 3 loops on the hook


ch12 + 2 (as starting dc) [or any multiply of 3 + 2]

1st round make starting cluster in 3rd ch from the hook, ch2, cluster in the same ch as last one, *skip 2ch, cluster in next ch, ch2, cluster in the same ch*, repeat ** 3 more times, skip 1 ch, dc in last ch

2nd round ch2, *cluster in next ch2sp, ch2, cluster in the same sp*, repeat ** 3 more times, dc in the top of starting 2ch (starting dc) from previous round


ch4, ss to form a ring

1st round starting cluster in the ring, *ch2, cluster*, repeat ** 4 more times, ch2, ss to join the round to the top loop of the first stitch, fasten off

2nd round join the new color in any ch2sp, make starting cluster, ch2, cluster in the same sp as last one, *cluster in next ch2sp, ch2, cluster in the same sp*, repeat ** 4 more times, , ss to join the round to the top loop of the first stitch, fasten off

3rd round join the new color in any ch2sp, make starting cluster, ch2, cluster in the same sp, ch2, cluster in the same sp, *cluster in next ch2sp, ch2, cluster in the same sp, ch2, cluster in the same sp*, repeat ** 4 more times, ss to join the round to the top loop of the first stitch, fasten off

4th round join the new color in any ch2sp, make starting cluster, ch2, cluster in the same ch2sp, *cluster in next ch2sp, ch2, cluster in the same sp*, repeat 10 more times, ss to join the round to the top loop of the first stitch, fasten off

5 – 7th round repeat round 4th

8th round join the new color in any ch2sp, sc in that sp, *dc3 in the top of next cluster from previous round, sc in next ch2sp*, repeat ** 11 more times, join with a ss to the first sc, fasten off

weave in all the loose ends”

March 8, 2013

good news

by izabela

if you ever asked me for the pattern for my triangular crochet shawl

and i promised that it soon be ready, please forgive me that it took me long two years to write it down

if you are no longer interested, i will be sad, but don’t worry i should have known better

but if you are still interested in making it, i have good news for you

the pattern is now available to buy on my website

and tomorrow will also be available in my raverly pattern shop



Triangular Crochet Shawl In Gypsy Style with Beautiful Ruffled Edging

Lovely triangular wrap in lacy pattern from a very soft and fine wool yarn, warm to keep you fit through cold days but light and airy not to feel uncomfortable. The colors make lovely stripey pattern. Can be made bit bigger or smaller, easily made with finer or chunkier yarn, just change the hook accordingly to your yarn, it will always fit 🙂

Perfect accessory for an artistic soul and perfect as a gift.


– if you wish I can also email it to you as a Word document or, if you don’t mind paying the shipping, by post (please contact me for details) –

This pattern is for advanced crocheters and it is written in American English terms. There is no diagram but helpful tips and photos too.

It can be made in any self patterning yarn and it will always look great.

The yarn I used contains:

75% Wool
25% Nylon

The longest side is about 56″ and two shorter are about 38″ long

Hand wash, air dry


progress of the shawl

March 4, 2013

little progress with puffs

by izabela

i am just about to show you where the crochet puffs are at the moment, but be prepared because i didn’t get too far, some other things are being made at the same time and taking all my time – anyway this is a different story

the two puffs one lovely olive green and the other that supposed to be orange but there was no orange yarn in that yarn so i chose salmon, the photos are not showing the real color and it looks pink, but if you trust me you will believe me – it is salmon color

so here they are, i hope you all like them, if not sorry – next time i will try better

progress on crochet puffs

making of crochet puffs

and one more thing, second necklace from the flower falls collection (first one blogged here) is now ready to buy online

go and check it in my shop


January 30, 2013

sit on it…

by izabela

ok start of the year, busy at work, new life and all…

but I just received my second order this year which I am soooooo

excited about and I needed to do some research first and you won’t believe what I am going to make

a crochet puff

no sorry, not one two puffs


so if you ever want to make one, I have some finds that gave me loads of inspration

(and some new favorite blogs to read, too)

how about this chunky crocheted puff?

Puffs from Lacasadecoto

and this one is just the most amazing thing to sit on and play with it 🙂

Puffs from Miga de Pan

unfortunately found those on google but never could find the link to an artist

(if you are the maker of those, please let me know and I will update the info)

crochet home deco

very colorful re-stored puffs,  just love them

Colorful puffs from Puerta Al Sur

and those

Puff stitch crochet puffs from Rixxt


and if you ever wanted to know how to crochet in the round

or how to make flat crochet circle, please visit Lucy from Attic24

crochet all year round, no limits 🙂

how to make flat crochet circle

i hope to post some updates on my puffs soon

maybe even a pattern

who knows


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