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January 23, 2013

another beautiful color for my favorite necklace

by izabela

another beautiful color for my favorite necklace

photo of the delicate crochet necklace in maroon

photo of the flower necklace in maroon

Beautiful delicate crochet flower necklace (or bracelet if you wish 😉 )

just added to my website,

please feel free to comment and buy of course 😀

December 2, 2012

crocheted necklaces

by izabela




I remember when I first made that necklace, I blogged about it on my blogger blog then, I think it was four years ago, someone read about it and bought it straight away. I am so glad, because since then I made many and I really love to make them.

Recently after a long break in my little design business I received two separate orders for them and one is in orange, huge thanks to my client as that color is my all time favorite. It was really exciting to make it in orange and here are the results. I hope you like it too. I have them available on my website and actually I can make it any color you like because that cotton comes in a wide spectrum of colors 🙂

The bracelet can be also used as a necklace so it is very special piece of jewellery find it here – Izabela Motyl


October 28, 2009


by izabela


just finished this funky neck warming scarflette, this was a little experiment as I really like pompoms and swirls, I did two alternating colors red and brown and here is the result

made from soft acrylic red and brown yarn

52 inches long with pompoms
22 inches just a swirl

August 16, 2009


by izabela

>today I have to finish this beautiful delicate long crochet flower necklace in navy blue, this is one of my latest custom orders and I am going to send it off tomorrow and the other thing for today is first glove for the opera gloves (custom order as well) – for second glove I need to wait for the yarn,

I made this order first from so much different yarn, much thicker and I didn’t like it at all, so decided to try this silky look one and it is perfect…

but of course while making it I got another idea, just wait…

and there is my WIP that is just a try – I am hoping to make a very delicate and light crochet shawl; I am using lace-weight wool and it is looking great so far…

June 7, 2009


by izabela


made this lovely delicate necklace some time ago

very fine red crochet yarn (size 70) some love and imagination and this 56″ long necklace has appeared flowers and little dots…

Tania – I think I have changed my mind and I am going to make more crazy cuffs like the red and turquise one 😉

April 25, 2009


by izabela


announcing the freshest design of mine… wedding lace crochet gloves in snow white soft acrylic yarn, elegant addition to your wedding dress, will make your day special and unique…
crocheted using filet stitch and pineapple pattern…

ready to ship in my shop

February 21, 2009


by izabela


very good combination – lace, length and neck – crochet lacy scarf goes around your neck quite a few times, and the acrylic yarn is so soft and warm but not heavy at all

check the dark red crochet scarf and the black one

my own design

January 4, 2009


by izabela

>I am taking part in 2009 challenge on Leah blog Creative Everyday Day, this is going to be a bit different as for every month there is going to be a theme for participant to post their creations… this month`s theme is PLAY so lets play and have fun…

biore udzial w wyzwaniu Leah na 2009 na jej blogu Creative Every Day, troszke tegoroczne wyzwanie rozni sie od poprzedniego bo na kazdy miesiac bedzie ogloszony temat dla uczestnikow… w tym miesiacu tematem jest ZABAWA, wiec zaczynijmy sie bawic…

I know I should post some of my drawings from last year but my scanner didn`t work and now I have other one but I am not gonna show them as I am finding new things to talk about on this blog but I will show you one of my 8 years old son`s drawings… and what you can easily notice he loves owls

wiem ze mialam pokazywac moje rysunki z zeszlego roku ale wtedy moj skaner nie dzialal a teraz mam juz inny ale nie ma to juz miejsca, bo znajduje ciekawsze rzeczy do omawiania tutaj… ale moge za to pokazac ostatni rysunek mojego 8 letniego prawie syna… i co latwo zauwazyc – on kocha sowy…

and few of my newest creations, long lacy scarf and mittens:

i cos nowego co ostatnio wydziergalam, dlugi koronkowy szal i mitenki:

and the victim of fireworks on New Year`s Day – do not ask:

a to ofiara fajerwerkow Pierwszego Dnia tego Roku – nie pytajcie:

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