sit on it…

by izabela

ok start of the year, busy at work, new life and all…

but I just received my second order this year which I am soooooo

excited about and I needed to do some research first and you won’t believe what I am going to make

a crochet puff

no sorry, not one two puffs


so if you ever want to make one, I have some finds that gave me loads of inspration

(and some new favorite blogs to read, too)

how about this chunky crocheted puff?

Puffs from Lacasadecoto

and this one is just the most amazing thing to sit on and play with it 🙂

Puffs from Miga de Pan

unfortunately found those on google but never could find the link to an artist

(if you are the maker of those, please let me know and I will update the info)

crochet home deco

very colorful re-stored puffs,  just love them

Colorful puffs from Puerta Al Sur

and those

Puff stitch crochet puffs from Rixxt


and if you ever wanted to know how to crochet in the round

or how to make flat crochet circle, please visit Lucy from Attic24

crochet all year round, no limits 🙂

how to make flat crochet circle

i hope to post some updates on my puffs soon

maybe even a pattern

who knows


2 Comments to “sit on it…”

  1. A pattern would be good! I have always wanted to make on for myself 🙂

  2. Fantastic. I just started to make a crochet ball for my daughter. Sth similar then I found pretty good tutorial if anyone wants to try
    good luck with your order Iza

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