by izabela

school is good

I am a LSA which is Learning Support Assistant for a 7 years old boy,

he has autism and he is fantastic kid

there are days that I still don’t know what I am doing

or how to talk to him to encourage him to do do a little bit more work,

but most of the days I get to see him reading, writing, drawing, coloring and having really good fun with other children

other children in the class are also very sweet

I am Mrs Motyl, I say

one little girl, as this word isn’t anything they know,

keeps calling me Mrs Mole (which is so funny, because I know she believes what she’s saying

with all her heart) but I got also another new name: Mrs Metal – given by the boy who probably didn’t know how to call me

so that was the closest thing he could think of

bless πŸ™‚


remember this?

photo of the triangular crochet shawl

photo of the crochet set on the model

photo of the fingereless mittens

photo of the crochet set

photo the pretty crochet mitten

I had a moment and I remembered about my shawls,

I have designed it few years ago

and forgot to make any last year, but found amazing photos of the matching set

made for custom order some time ago

so as a treat I thought I could offer them again as a custom make

in my online shop

I think I need to make them in those crazy colors as it makes the set look so happy πŸ™‚

few more I have made and sold over years:


4 Comments to “school”

  1. Hello Talented, Artistic Lady (!),
    Might there be a pattern for the “Gypsy” shawl comimg soon, also? Oh, would so love to buy it……….and………I do promise NOT to sell, but, just make “keepsake” shawls for my daughters and granddaughters.
    Sincerely and with hope,

  2. These are amazing shawls – totally funky !

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