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May 13, 2013

my shrug is in the magazine

by izabela

i so missed you and the real blogging thing

i can’t say much what is going on right now because it is all happening so fast

changing form day to day you would get bored if i shared that all ;D

but as i have some really exciting news to share (that should be blogged long time ago)

here it is all:

i have been asked if i don’t mind to appear in the wedding feature in the inside crochet magazine (of course i don’t mind, i would looooooove to 😀 ) i agreed and the magazine is out and i am sharing yesterday news, but still exciting to me…

my shrug featured in the magazine :)

and that is not all from my very exciting news to share with my best blogging friends and other readers

after meeting lovely Judith from Fringe gallery in london i now can say that you can buy my jewellery there and if you are anywhere near alexandra park road you have to go and visit this gallery, it is probably the nicest place to be, to buy beautiful yarns, fine cotton threads, vintage threads, buttons, trimmings, probably everything you need to keep your textile hobby going and definitely best place to be inspired by textile artists producing textile artwork and jewellery in such a unique way… and if that was not enough – you can also find variety of workshops that can help you learn some new craft techniques

and here you have the photo of the delicate crochet lace earrings in progress – same that can be found at the Fringe gallery

earrings in progress

May 4, 2013

jewellery showcase

by izabela

hi all

i hope you are as happy and enthusiastic as me,

because i just left my jewellery at Norden Farm Centre for The Arts in the cabinet to be there until almost end of june

this is great feeling and if more people can see what i am making

i will be much happier

(not that i am not happy, but you get it, don’t you)


jewellery dipsly at norden farm

and some progress of my latest makes

crochet jewellery in progress

i hope you all have amazing weekend

like we here enjoying the spring that has finally sprang and really nice long weekend


February 25, 2013

tv and drama

by izabela

just discovered a thing about myself, that i didn’t know

i always loved tv and series and films etc to watch in my spare time (or rather to watch while i do my crocheting)

but i just noticed that if i don’t have no tv series to watch on regularly – my life seems so empty

i mean i know it is not empty – i have my family, lovely children, nice job, great hobby and small business

also a dog, friends and small garden to take care of – i am actually quite a happy person,

but nothing is as good as watching some good tv drama (best if it is a crime one for me)

films – yes, but they just seem so flat when everything ends after couple of hours

this waiting for the next “what is going to happen tomorrow” is the thing that i need every day

without that i am not myself ;p

so to all the producers in the world – please do something that will keep me going 😉

and to makers of “prison break” why only 4 seasons?


and if any of you missed my new jewellery

first piece is already on sale on my website 🙂

flower fall crochet necklace

and more in the craft coop pop up shop in maidenhead

visit us if you around

we are open from wednesday to sunday

between 11am and 5pm

in nicholson’s shopping centre

crochet flower necklaces in craft coop shop

February 13, 2013

wedding jewellery

by izabela

recently i have applied for a wedding fair in craft central in london

and my application was accepted

i am crazy working now every day to prepare for this event, because i got so many new ideas and so many fixes to existing designs

of course i will be posting photos of the puff soon

but today please say hello to my beaded and crocheted jewellery line

these are only working photos but i hope they are exciting enough

my  new delicate crochet jewellery


photo of beaded and crocheted necklaces

photo of the crochet necklace worn as a bracelet


i hope you like the tiny flowers wrapped around your wrist

i can make them in many colors and this is grand because the world without colors wouldn’t be worth exploring…


almost forgot:

if you are around maidenhead some time this year – our pop up shop is now back

we are open from wednesday to sunday

our cabinets and stands are full of handcrafted goods made by artisans from the area

and you are all invited

for the next five weeks we are next to clinton cards in nicholsons shopping centre

and after that we are moving to the next empty shop

here is the map of the centre of maidenhead where you can find us:

see u soon 🙂

January 18, 2013


by izabela

After the almost two weeks in the new job I can actually say something about it. I know it is only beginning, I have never worked with children, but I really like the constant adventure that comes with working with them – you never know where they are going to take you. Maybe in a few months I will say: “I can’t take it anymore” but so far everyday brings me joy. A girl tells me today: “I really like when you are in our class”, the other girl “You are superb!” I am not going to say anything more as I know that most of us heard something like this – but it definitely makes my day, everyday.

A boy, I am helping in the class has been quite good to me: he can listen, he can draw, he can write and he can read books… I have to learn how to encourage him to try to do more, so he can learn more things that children his age do – it is a challenge but I am 100% positive that I can make it till July and later we’ll see 🙂

Jewellery has now dominated my crochet world, but guess what, it is CROCHETED as always, so many times have I tried to make just beaded pieces or just wire-wrapped – I can only say that those techniques are not for me, whatever I do, has to have a crochet hook as a tool 😉

And I just revamped my bedroom a little to make it more useful for my home work and first things are already popping out 🙂



crochet jewellery

January 10, 2013

New Year and new life…

by izabela

I do like changes in life, but only if something is wrong.

I had a great “job” nearly perfect, working for high end fine jewellery designer with diamonds and gold and more precious stones. I was doing the weaving, crocheting, experimenting, little office work and all the little bits. I was paid well and on time, the only problem was that I wasn’t actually employed there, I didn’t get paid holidays or couldn’t really easily take any time off when I needed, or I was spending three to four hours everyday traveling (of course when the trains were not late or cancelled, but with UK trains that happened almost everyday, so then less hours worked, less pay too), I did see some wealthy people and celebrities as the studio is in Notting Hill – amazing isn’t it? But that I could leave with, I always had a book or my crochet hook with me on the train I could make something, it is the not seeing my children everyday, that was killing me… and there was one more thing, the jewellery designer, she is nice, to the point when she just get nasty, because when something she did wrong she blamed everyone around, when I did something wrong – I was told “you know if you don’t like it, you can leave and you don’t have to come back” so when I have heard it for the third time and didn’t have a chance to explain what happened (nothing actually, but the point was to make the point) i said “ok, bye then” packed my bag and left.

It has happened long before Christmas, but I couldn’t talk about it until now, I was very upset, not only because I lost main income to support my family, the worst was that I left the place where I was invited to come, to work and was begged to start full time, but was always treated as the slave that is to do the weaving and a piece of furniture – which when not needed can be put aside.

Anyway, getting over it now, started new, less hours, lower rate job, but at least close to home and properly employed (I will tell you more about it some day 😉 ) and with soooo much time to grow and create new things again 🙂

Some new photos to share with you today, but more to tell you about them later.

June 10, 2012

Getting ready for London Jewellery Week

by izabela

If you are near the Chelsea Old Town Hall on Tuesday 12th of June, please come and visit me there, I will be there between London’s most amazing jewellery designers launching my new collection of crocheted earrings and necklaces.

Check more details and what designers you can find there here:


See you there!

May 19, 2011

a flower gemstone

by izabela

do you remember my little makes some time ago?

i can finally show you how they look when finished

they are really cute little earrings

they measure about 2cm in diameter plus 1.5cm earwire

now available in my shop 🙂

photo of tiger eye and crochet earrings

photo of crochet earrings

photo of crochet flower earrings

photo of crochet flower earrings


i am also working few hours a week for jewellery designer in london

and would love to share with you what i am making, but i don’t think that is a very good idea

but don’t worry when they are only ready to show

you’ll be the first see my work here

that is so exciting 🙂


April 27, 2011

a moment of reflection

by izabela

i know i have abandoned my blog

my readers and other blogs too

there are times that i just get stuck and can’t find a way to carry on as before

but don’t worry hopefully not for long

i am busy working that is good

also some new designs in my little shop

my website (i think) looks pretty good 😉

and i am being out and about

and you can read more about it here

so please spend a minute and tell me what do you think

about those bracelets

newest addition to my shop

there is many color combos coming i hope 😀

crochet bracelet

crochet bracelet

I really like to make them

and they look really good on your wrist

i also think they can be worn by males or females


September 18, 2010

black rose

by izabela

i made this necklace and i really love it, crocheted tiny black flowers with some leaves with a stem

this could look lovely in white or cream (or any color) as an addition to a wedding dress

i am going to make bracelet and earrings too…


do you like it? is that anything you would consider to buy as a wedding jewellery?

maybe i shall add some beads in the middle of the flowers?

would be grateful for any tips

wedding jewellery

wedding jewellery

wedding jewellery

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