by izabela

After the almost two weeks in the new job I can actually say something about it. I know it is only beginning, I have never worked with children, but I really like the constant adventure that comes with working with them – you never know where they are going to take you. Maybe in a few months I will say: “I can’t take it anymore” but so far everyday brings me joy. A girl tells me today: “I really like when you are in our class”, the other girl “You are superb!” I am not going to say anything more as I know that most of us heard something like this – but it definitely makes my day, everyday.

A boy, I am helping in the class has been quite good to me: he can listen, he can draw, he can write and he can read books… I have to learn how to encourage him to try to do more, so he can learn more things that children his age do – it is a challenge but I am 100% positive that I can make it till July and later we’ll see 🙂

Jewellery has now dominated my crochet world, but guess what, it is CROCHETED as always, so many times have I tried to make just beaded pieces or just wire-wrapped – I can only say that those techniques are not for me, whatever I do, has to have a crochet hook as a tool 😉

And I just revamped my bedroom a little to make it more useful for my home work and first things are already popping out 🙂



crochet jewellery

One Comment to “After”

  1. There you go everything turns to good. Children are fantastic. Yesterday in a children centre 2 year old was kissing my baby daughter. Could not stop. Maja was so happy Good luck with crocheting. I am going outdoor with Maja and my camera. Happy days!

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