black rose

by izabela

i made this necklace and i really love it, crocheted tiny black flowers with some leaves with a stem

this could look lovely in white or cream (or any color) as an addition to a wedding dress

i am going to make bracelet and earrings too…


do you like it? is that anything you would consider to buy as a wedding jewellery?

maybe i shall add some beads in the middle of the flowers?

would be grateful for any tips

wedding jewellery

wedding jewellery

wedding jewellery


4 Comments to “black rose”

  1. Beautiful piece! I’ve never seen crochet used for necklaces before and I love that you created it in black. Very nice!

  2. Love it love it Love it! In my opinion I wouldn’t add beads, but I’d do some diffferent colour ranges, its is beautiful and simple. Really like the idea of a wedding range, actually, they might be nice with a little bit of sparkle added, especially on the earrings. Do loads, they are fantastic Jezz!

  3. that is really beautiful.. I prefer it plain but it might be worth doing one with a few small beads in the center as an alternative choice for people who like shiny things. Good luck with them!

  4. I like it muchly. Very much think that it’d be great in ivory for wedding jewellery although maybe with a finer chain?

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