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April 1, 2013

Craft Central Gets Hitched – review

by izabela

i have spent great four days at the event

firstly admiring the quality of british made wedding themed products

and then actually exploring artists and their skills

and lastly i am so happy to spend this time around such beautiful people weirdly feeling so close to complete strangers

almost like i knew them for ever 🙂


i have to say that we (our room where we were exhibiting) were definitely the most friendly bunch or at least i was left with that good vibes every day…

i fell in love with amazing jewellery by Michelle

you can find out more about her and her jewellery on her website Michelle Oh

michelle oh

michelle oh

and i am planning on getting one of those rings as soon as i can

i also admire the fabulous fine wire jewellery by Rina Tairo he crochets, knits and wraps beautiful stones in fine silver and gold wire, just so amazing that i could not take my eyes off them


rina tairo

rina tairo

please also check my little gallery of photos that when you click on them – they will take you to artist’s websites – they are all worth checking and not only if you are getting married…

Laser Bean leather cut masks…


Tactile Wonderland dreamy surface designs…

tactile wonderland

tactile wonderland

great stitched or to stitch gifts by Cerys Turner

cerys turner

beautiful dresses by Zoe Lem

zoe lem

bridal lacy accessories by Faulkner and Carter

faulkner and carter

really funky details at Bailey Tomlin hats

love the fine flowers of agapanthus

bailey tomlin hats

February 26, 2013

craft central gets hitched

by izabela

few words just to invite you all to the wedding show in london next month

it is amazing place and really hope to see you there 🙂

INVITATION_CraftCentralGetsHitched_21-24Mar2013, read more on the website here

craft central gets hitched

February 25, 2013

tv and drama

by izabela

just discovered a thing about myself, that i didn’t know

i always loved tv and series and films etc to watch in my spare time (or rather to watch while i do my crocheting)

but i just noticed that if i don’t have no tv series to watch on regularly – my life seems so empty

i mean i know it is not empty – i have my family, lovely children, nice job, great hobby and small business

also a dog, friends and small garden to take care of – i am actually quite a happy person,

but nothing is as good as watching some good tv drama (best if it is a crime one for me)

films – yes, but they just seem so flat when everything ends after couple of hours

this waiting for the next “what is going to happen tomorrow” is the thing that i need every day

without that i am not myself ;p

so to all the producers in the world – please do something that will keep me going 😉

and to makers of “prison break” why only 4 seasons?


and if any of you missed my new jewellery

first piece is already on sale on my website 🙂

flower fall crochet necklace

and more in the craft coop pop up shop in maidenhead

visit us if you around

we are open from wednesday to sunday

between 11am and 5pm

in nicholson’s shopping centre

crochet flower necklaces in craft coop shop

February 13, 2013

wedding jewellery

by izabela

recently i have applied for a wedding fair in craft central in london

and my application was accepted

i am crazy working now every day to prepare for this event, because i got so many new ideas and so many fixes to existing designs

of course i will be posting photos of the puff soon

but today please say hello to my beaded and crocheted jewellery line

these are only working photos but i hope they are exciting enough

my  new delicate crochet jewellery


photo of beaded and crocheted necklaces

photo of the crochet necklace worn as a bracelet


i hope you like the tiny flowers wrapped around your wrist

i can make them in many colors and this is grand because the world without colors wouldn’t be worth exploring…


almost forgot:

if you are around maidenhead some time this year – our pop up shop is now back

we are open from wednesday to sunday

our cabinets and stands are full of handcrafted goods made by artisans from the area

and you are all invited

for the next five weeks we are next to clinton cards in nicholsons shopping centre

and after that we are moving to the next empty shop

here is the map of the centre of maidenhead where you can find us:

see u soon 🙂

June 14, 2011

my birthday

by izabela

it was my birthday on monday

and as always

i had loads of chocolates, breakfast in bed and dinner was made for me as well 🙂

beautiful day 🙂

but i want you all to feel invited to the event in london

where i will be exhibiting next week

craft central gets hitched


so i am hoping to see you there 🙂

some bits that i am making for that event:

June 7, 2011

crochet pattern – barefoot sandals

by izabela

i feel so so happy

i published first pattern for sale

(few still are in preparation stage)

i hope you like the pattern

even if it is for intermediate crocheters

i am sure, that anyone who can follow a pattern can make it

i am also preparing a diagram to this pattern and it will sent out as free update

so what is it that you can make?

barefoot sandals

lovely lacy pattern to adorn your feet when not wearing shoes 🙂

have a look

crochet pattern

crochet pattern

to make them you need:

2-ply soft cotton yarn (my favorite is clea1000 by circulo yarns)

2mm crochet hook

2 medium size beads (optional)

pattern is worked in rounds and is in one piece

doesn’t involve sewing at all

if you click on the right on buy button, it will take you straight to the secure purchase page

where you can pay and download my pattern


you can get it from my web shop if you click here

March 6, 2011

poletsy style

by izabela

i am a member of a polish team on etsy

(etsy is a online shop where anyone can sell his handmade creations)

and we have a very nice blog

every saturday i share a mosaic of my favorite finds from our members shops

this weeks i went for the wedding theme

as this goes a little with my recent interests

please go there and have a peek and comment if you feel like it

mosaic of favorite items from poletsy


White nymph by Ginewra
Lace Earring by Koroneczka
Heavenly Earrings by The Only
White Swan Cuff by Annawoz

February 23, 2011

my creative space

by izabela

not only preparing myself to the handmade wedding collective

at craft central in london

also got a sweet commission to make three crochet flower rings

so these days i am working on tiny crochet again 🙂


working on


to see more creative spaces go to kootoyoo’s blog

April 25, 2009


by izabela


announcing the freshest design of mine… wedding lace crochet gloves in snow white soft acrylic yarn, elegant addition to your wedding dress, will make your day special and unique…
crocheted using filet stitch and pineapple pattern…

ready to ship in my shop

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