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April 14, 2013

New pattern and request

by izabela

For those who love to make things especially to crochet I have good news

I made up new pattern that is going live next week

it is another pattern to make soleless crochet sandals

and get the new look for summer

crochet barefoot sandals

crochet barefoot sandals

crochet barefoot sandals

crochet barefoot sandals


and to all of you who like my patterns and follow me and my work

i would like to ask for help:

 i am going to take part in big handmade show this year

and need some support

I have started a campaign on indiegogo where anyone can contribute and help me with that

so if you can spare a pound or two (or more)

please do

and if you can please also share wherever you can

i will be thankful forever

April 4, 2013

my old Easter Pattern for egg cozies

by izabela

This is my old pattern back from 2010, that I wanted to have in the same place as my other patterns…

please feel free to use it, make things and sell if you wish…

“designing Easter 2010… granny square egg cozy…

I had this idea for quite a time in my head… a cozy warmer for an egg at Easter time…

why? you ask, I do decorating eggs for Easter, since I remember, once they were two colored, just dyed in onion and then etched with something sharp, which always was my favorite and most popular way to do it… or sometimes painted and colored with food coloring… but always have them for Easter… for me it is a national tradition and you can read more about it here

Granny Square Egg Cozy

I used embroidery thread Pearl Cotton by Anchor, size Perle 8, but it actually can be any fine embroidery floss;

crochet hook 2.0 bigger or smaller to obtain a right gauge

gauge 1 inch by inch – 2,5 pattern repeat **, 4 rows

 special abbreviations: ch – chain, ss – slip stitch, dc – double crochet (treble crochet – UK), sp – space, yo – yarn over;

cluster – (double crochet three together) work 3 dc, all into ch2 space, but omit the last step each time, when you have 4 loops on the hook, yo the hook and then pull through all 4 loops

 starting cluster – ch2 (as first dc), dc2 but leaving the last loop on the hook (like above), yo, pull the yarn through all 3 loops on the hook


ch12 + 2 (as starting dc) [or any multiply of 3 + 2]

1st round make starting cluster in 3rd ch from the hook, ch2, cluster in the same ch as last one, *skip 2ch, cluster in next ch, ch2, cluster in the same ch*, repeat ** 3 more times, skip 1 ch, dc in last ch

2nd round ch2, *cluster in next ch2sp, ch2, cluster in the same sp*, repeat ** 3 more times, dc in the top of starting 2ch (starting dc) from previous round


ch4, ss to form a ring

1st round starting cluster in the ring, *ch2, cluster*, repeat ** 4 more times, ch2, ss to join the round to the top loop of the first stitch, fasten off

2nd round join the new color in any ch2sp, make starting cluster, ch2, cluster in the same sp as last one, *cluster in next ch2sp, ch2, cluster in the same sp*, repeat ** 4 more times, , ss to join the round to the top loop of the first stitch, fasten off

3rd round join the new color in any ch2sp, make starting cluster, ch2, cluster in the same sp, ch2, cluster in the same sp, *cluster in next ch2sp, ch2, cluster in the same sp, ch2, cluster in the same sp*, repeat ** 4 more times, ss to join the round to the top loop of the first stitch, fasten off

4th round join the new color in any ch2sp, make starting cluster, ch2, cluster in the same ch2sp, *cluster in next ch2sp, ch2, cluster in the same sp*, repeat 10 more times, ss to join the round to the top loop of the first stitch, fasten off

5 – 7th round repeat round 4th

8th round join the new color in any ch2sp, sc in that sp, *dc3 in the top of next cluster from previous round, sc in next ch2sp*, repeat ** 11 more times, join with a ss to the first sc, fasten off

weave in all the loose ends”

March 8, 2013

good news

by izabela

if you ever asked me for the pattern for my triangular crochet shawl

and i promised that it soon be ready, please forgive me that it took me long two years to write it down

if you are no longer interested, i will be sad, but don’t worry i should have known better

but if you are still interested in making it, i have good news for you

the pattern is now available to buy on my website

and tomorrow will also be available in my raverly pattern shop



Triangular Crochet Shawl In Gypsy Style with Beautiful Ruffled Edging

Lovely triangular wrap in lacy pattern from a very soft and fine wool yarn, warm to keep you fit through cold days but light and airy not to feel uncomfortable. The colors make lovely stripey pattern. Can be made bit bigger or smaller, easily made with finer or chunkier yarn, just change the hook accordingly to your yarn, it will always fit 🙂

Perfect accessory for an artistic soul and perfect as a gift.


– if you wish I can also email it to you as a Word document or, if you don’t mind paying the shipping, by post (please contact me for details) –

This pattern is for advanced crocheters and it is written in American English terms. There is no diagram but helpful tips and photos too.

It can be made in any self patterning yarn and it will always look great.

The yarn I used contains:

75% Wool
25% Nylon

The longest side is about 56″ and two shorter are about 38″ long

Hand wash, air dry


progress of the shawl

April 12, 2012

hello – just popping back

by izabela

i don’t know where all the time has gone, but since i started working full time i have no time to blog…

just noticed that you are all still my friends and still visiting my little space, i want to say thank you to all of you who leave comments on my blog and to all that buy my patterns, that keeps me happy and thinking of new designs

to make things even more exciting i am gonna reveal a little from the coming future: i have new patterns, but they are still in the preparation state, but hopefully not for long 🙂

and here is something I am working on the train when on my way to and from work

shrug growing

oh and this is the cardigan i have almost finished, my own design for our sweet Emilka for her first holy communion…

first holy communion crochet sweater


and as i am having a little bloggy time today,

TAMARA of course you can buy this pattern, but not yet as it is still not written :/ i promise soon it will here, thank you so much for visiting me here…

and special thanks being sent to:

RACHAEL for finding me and leaving such an inspiring comment and sending me over to her blog full of art and thoughts;

OMLAIR that gave me lovely blog award and sorry that i have no time to follow the fun;

SANDA for lovely comment!

and to Three Sixty Ecotique for mentioning me and my barefoot crochet sandals last year 🙂

July 26, 2011

summer holidays

by izabela

i sent two bigger kids back to poland for holiday

i miss them so much already

but i know they are in good hands with their grandmother

and all cousins


there is so much to do waiting on my list

and i cannot really say the list is getting any shorter

for one thing i do there is two things coming in

is there anyway that someone can manage everything on his own?

i don’t think so

but if any of you know any way to do that

i would much appreciate if you told me

for example leaving comment below or emailing me here

also tweet tips or skype me at any time  🙂

and if you like

take part in my little poll


by the way

there is new pattern in my shop for those who like my designs

crochet gloves pattern

Get that pattern —> HERE


June 7, 2011

crochet pattern – barefoot sandals

by izabela

i feel so so happy

i published first pattern for sale

(few still are in preparation stage)

i hope you like the pattern

even if it is for intermediate crocheters

i am sure, that anyone who can follow a pattern can make it

i am also preparing a diagram to this pattern and it will sent out as free update

so what is it that you can make?

barefoot sandals

lovely lacy pattern to adorn your feet when not wearing shoes 🙂

have a look

crochet pattern

crochet pattern

to make them you need:

2-ply soft cotton yarn (my favorite is clea1000 by circulo yarns)

2mm crochet hook

2 medium size beads (optional)

pattern is worked in rounds and is in one piece

doesn’t involve sewing at all

if you click on the right on buy button, it will take you straight to the secure purchase page

where you can pay and download my pattern


you can get it from my web shop if you click here

June 5, 2011

secret swap

by izabela

i never shared with you

what i received in the latest swap i joined

etsy europe secret swap

lovely petronella from germany

here is her blog, but i have to warn you

she is mad about buttons

 petronella makes very original clothing and accessories and sells on etsy too

one of petronella’s shops

i really think that you need a lot of imagination to makes things like that

and a lot of patience

the things that she sent me are finished to a very high quality

so this is not just any shop with buttony creations 🙂

this is a good shop

anyway i got a keyring that went straight away onto my keys

and my kids have taken a bag each 🙂

my daughter has also reserved the rest of accessories

but i am not sure if she can have them 😉


some great news

watch this space for new pattern from isamo crochet

November 21, 2010

crochet star pattern

by izabela

remember my promised pattern?

for a crochet star?

maybe it is not the perfect pattern, but here it is:



eight beam crochet star

crochet star

  1. ch 4
  2. dc 23 in 3rd ch from the hook, join with a sl st to the top stitch of starting chain to form a circle
  3. *ch 5, sl st in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next one, hdc in next, dc in last, join with a sl st to the 3rd stitch on the circle, ch 9, sl st in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 2 ch, hdc in next 2 ch, dc in next 3 ch, join with the sl st to the 3rd st on the circle* repeat from * to *  3 more times

crochet circle

crochet star progress

star beam in progress

progress of the crochet star

finished eight beam star

fasten off, hide in loose ends, hang it on about 6 inches long thread

i used hemp yarn for this project and the hook size 2.7, but it can be made in different yarns so be inventive and experiment as much as you like

the creation may bend and swirl a little but if you wet it and then hold it with pins on the flat surface and even better if you use some sort of stiffener (starch for example) – it will stay in the desired shape 🙂


please remember to give a credit if you share this pattern as that is only one thing i am asking for



written in american names, if you need to know what it means in english, look here:

american – british

sl st (slip stitch) – sc (single crochet)

sc (single crochet) – dc (double crochet)

hdc (half double crochet) – htr (half treble)

dc (double crochet) – tr (treble)

tr (triple crochet) – dtr (double treble)

dtr (double triple crochet) – trtr (treble treble)





October 26, 2010


by izabela

i am really, really sorry for such late post with my winners

but i had my mum staying with me for the weekend and i didn’t expect that this will take all my free time

such a shame she left now, would like to keep her longer here – maybe next time



i loved all your answers and guesses, there wasn’t one 100% hit with a guess but a lot of guesses were really close

anyway i said that is only a fun game to try to guess as this could really be anything 🙂

this is very christmas color indeed and pattern as well

little red trees

this may make a lovely christmas gift for a female friend or family member

it isn’t finished yet

but this is going to be a warm cowl or neck-warmer

made from blend of extra fine merino, acrylic microfibre and cashmere

very very soft



and as there was two different kind of guesses

  • very close guesses
  • just guesses

i thought that i draw two from the first box

and one from the second box



Kitschy Coo


and Aimee


visit my folksy shop

here you can find all the different earrings patterns

choose one and let me know in what color would you like it made…


i am off to contact you about the details


thank you all for taking part in this little game

i hope you all enjoyed

and i see you next time 🙂


October 19, 2010

woman changes…

by izabela

in poland we say that women change their minds like they change gloves…

i don’t know how much true is there for each of us

but it is so true in my case…


I have opened yet another etsy shop and got mad taking photos…

first item is this wrap

the other change is also that I am going to donate 15% from each sale to charities i support

Water Aid



and there will be some patterns fro sale too

first one is almost ready but not yet for sale

the shawl

i hope the style of it doesn’t look too silly because i really like it

but then in some time i might change my mind again 😉


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