crochet star patterns

by izabela

i was looking today for some pretty free patterns for crochet stars

as christmas decorating time is approaching quickly

and i thought that it might be nice to have many crocheted stars to add to christmas packaging

and gift wrapping

so found many but only a few got my attention

so to make it easier for you if you like crochet and maybe would like to learn some

i am going to share my favorite ones here


1. star earrings by wolfdreamer

crochet star earrings

2. starbust ornament by becky’s touch of crochet

crochet star ornament

3. starry night by kimberly

crocheted stars pattern

4. stars by rachel on crochet spot site

small crocheted stars

5. grannie’s star by elizabeth ham

granny star crochet pattern

6. glow in the dark star by bernat

crocheted star

7. flower in my star by thata

crocheted star with a flower


i hope you enjoy those great links and make some lovely decorations for coming christmas

i made some from my head a very easy ones as i made them years ago from some magazine

but also wrote up my own pattern

which hopefully will be posted here soon

thanks all so much for visiting my blog



2 Comments to “crochet star patterns”

  1. Thankyou!! I have bookmarked some of them to have a go 🙂 x

  2. Beautiful stars!!! They make me dream of Christmas!

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