hello – just popping back

by izabela

i don’t know where all the time has gone, but since i started working full time i have no time to blog…

just noticed that you are all still my friends and still visiting my little space, i want to say thank you to all of you who leave comments on my blog and to all that buy my patterns, that keeps me happy and thinking of new designs

to make things even more exciting i am gonna reveal a little from the coming future: i have new patterns, but they are still in the preparation state, but hopefully not for long 🙂

and here is something I am working on the train when on my way to and from work

shrug growing

oh and this is the cardigan i have almost finished, my own design for our sweet Emilka for her first holy communion…

first holy communion crochet sweater


and as i am having a little bloggy time today,

TAMARA of course you can buy this pattern, but not yet as it is still not written :/ i promise soon it will here, thank you so much for visiting me here…

and special thanks being sent to:

RACHAEL for finding me and leaving such an inspiring comment and sending me over to her blog full of art and thoughts;

OMLAIR that gave me lovely blog award and sorry that i have no time to follow the fun;

SANDA for lovely comment!

and to Three Sixty Ecotique for mentioning me and my barefoot crochet sandals last year 🙂


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