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May 23, 2011

and yes, you have guessed…

by izabela

…the blanket is almost finished

only (?) weaving loose ends to do

hmm not too bad i think but annoying

and i agree with some of you

that left the comment here that the colors are really pretty

i think i would be very happy with a blanket like that at my place

but this one soon of to new home 🙂

and some nice photos with its progress:

crochet blanket

crochet blanket

granny square blanket

and this poor bird got caught at our home

when we left the door to patio opened

it is really windy here for last two days

like really, like leaves falling from the trees when they just started growing not long ago

like birds being just thrown inside your house suddenly

i mean at least that is what i think has happened

he could fly at home and he was trying to hide everywhere

not letting me see him nor catch him

but in the end

he got his freedom, i hope he is ok

because we saw him flying away…


lost bird

February 2, 2011

this loneliness

by izabela

i got this weird crash on nordic bands playing electro-pop and experimental

and indie music

the knife, royksopp, robin

now it is 2011 and i just found lykke li and el perro del mar

no idea why i never noticed them yet


maybe this is how i feel recently

because not everything goes perfectly well in my life

but hey

it is not too bad

and you all people make me happy so much, this year just started,

but i am already booked for three great events

two in just two weeks

and one in march (this one is the most exciting as i never done wedding show

nor something longer than one day)

please read more on my isamo crochet website news

(this is also changing a lot recently – please forgive me that)


watch then my other favorite song

this time from lykke li


and have sneaky peek at my latest necklace design

not finished yet

teal blue crochet flowers

new necklace design

crochet jewelry

experimenting with photography

take care


January 19, 2011

my creative space… experimenting with crochet

by izabela

for those who know me a little

this will not be any surprise

if you read my blog

or read my old blog

you know how much i love new things

i mean making new things


i made this necklace after playing with dorset buttons

i bought from big blue bed

alix makes those handmade petit dorset buttons

and sells them in her etsy shop

and i had an idea from the day i saw them first time

it is now available in my etsy shop



newest creation

dorset buttons and crochet necklace


but that is not the end of my crochet jewellery fun

look at this and wonder 😉

that is my next thing… not finished yet of course  🙂


spheric crochet

my spheric crochet experiments


and just to share with you

a little sample for a customer

crochet flowers that already were called NANO 😉



nano crochet

tiny crochet flowers

crochet daisies

tiny crochet daisies

more creative spaces on kootoyoo’s blog

January 16, 2011

little drawing

by izabela

last night i had my little time

i love when kids go to bed

husband goes out

and i can enjoy the silence



view from my window

sun set seen from my window

so i had a little fun drawing

long time no drawing for me



my creative desk

my little creative world

but i really love doodling like that

all my books at college

were covered in little patterns, butterflies, flowers and ornaments




my doodles



my drawings






December 27, 2010

did you have a lovely time?

by izabela

…through christmas?

we did

really lazy time this christmas mostly sitting at home

because the car didn’t want to start

and what is the funniest

the car has started with no problems today

(just right after christmas)



wishes from friends



visiting family

kids watching film 🙂



playing games

relaxing boxing day

origami from japanese patterned paper

look what i did on boxing day

i made some origami

close up 🙂

November 22, 2010

those happy moments

by izabela

i love to spend time with my children

i love to watch how they grow play discover create…


kids painting


one of those moments was yesterday

and they made me happy yesterday quite a few times as well 🙂

sometimes i think the are more inventive and creative than me

my son’s dinner always has to look different

this is just sunday roasted chicken, veggies and mashed potatoes

(the plate isn’t finished yet, we missing some gravy here – he added this later 🙂 )


my son's meal


don’t ask me why

but be sure this happens at every meal 😉



September 26, 2010

random photo – storm…

by izabela

do you enjoy taking photos? are you passionate? what are your favorite objects to photograph?

some posts ago i was telling you how much do i want to buy a new camera, as my old – loved fuji finepix broke suddenly,

prepare for a surprise – that is my new purchase, everything happened so quickly that i still cant believe in it, but there it is new baby for me (another one after dog this month)

nikon d90

and one of my favorite objects is nature, especially clouds and sky in general… have a look what i saw couple of days ago from my window



just to warn you, whenever you want to blog about buying new camera (or probably anything) think twice – i received loads of comments spamming me with links to shops where you can get one… yuck

September 18, 2010

black rose

by izabela

i made this necklace and i really love it, crocheted tiny black flowers with some leaves with a stem

this could look lovely in white or cream (or any color) as an addition to a wedding dress

i am going to make bracelet and earrings too…


do you like it? is that anything you would consider to buy as a wedding jewellery?

maybe i shall add some beads in the middle of the flowers?

would be grateful for any tips

wedding jewellery

wedding jewellery

wedding jewellery

September 15, 2010


by izabela

just finished four lovely new necklaces, two black flowers and two different butterflies

i am hoping to put them soon in the shop in the necklaces section

i hope you like them too

some photos of the creamy one

cream crochet butterfly necklace


crochet jewellery

crochet necklace

crochet necklace

September 8, 2010

finding time for everything…

by izabela

…i don’t know what has happened, i cannot find time for nothing since back from holidays, just tried this little bit of crochet and still nothing finished

those tiny black crochet pieces are going to become necklaces and i think they will look pretty cool, i am planning to make couple of different colors and flowers

the white flowers are just an idea still growing in my head, but brown shaded earrings are so much my sort of pattern and color that will have to make more 🙂

progress in jewelry making

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