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April 22, 2013

crochet shawl

by izabela

i thought i’d share the project i have started last night

new crochet shawl, perfect for milder cold, like spring, fall or cooler summer days

i am just finishing (still!) two puffs that i have started long time ago

but the cotton yarn i chose is quite heavy so i stop after couple of rows each time

and make something else instead…

anyway i had this beautiful cotton wool blend yarn n the drawer for ages

and decided to start a shawl made out of motifs

motifs are joined as i go to save myself sewing (sewing equals extra work to me so i try to avoid it whenever possible)

new crochet shawl

also i would like to interest you in new royal mail service that i am to try

and it designed to help smaller businesses grow

it is called simple ways to grow

it seems really easy to use so far, it also seems to me that it is quite affordable

and you pay monthly, but you can actually cancel at any time

so to make it more exciting i am gonna use it to invite people to see my jewellery being exhibited at norden farm arts centre

but about all of this soon 🙂


have a look at this beautiful photo taken by me yesterday

when walking to maidenhead to work my shift at the craft coop shop

so dreamy…

dry weeds


and of course my campaign:

who would like to help me to get noticed

it doesn’t have to be big, you can send as little as a £1 or $1 and as much as you like

March 8, 2013

good news

by izabela

if you ever asked me for the pattern for my triangular crochet shawl

and i promised that it soon be ready, please forgive me that it took me long two years to write it down

if you are no longer interested, i will be sad, but don’t worry i should have known better

but if you are still interested in making it, i have good news for you

the pattern is now available to buy on my website

and tomorrow will also be available in my raverly pattern shop



Triangular Crochet Shawl In Gypsy Style with Beautiful Ruffled Edging

Lovely triangular wrap in lacy pattern from a very soft and fine wool yarn, warm to keep you fit through cold days but light and airy not to feel uncomfortable. The colors make lovely stripey pattern. Can be made bit bigger or smaller, easily made with finer or chunkier yarn, just change the hook accordingly to your yarn, it will always fit 🙂

Perfect accessory for an artistic soul and perfect as a gift.


– if you wish I can also email it to you as a Word document or, if you don’t mind paying the shipping, by post (please contact me for details) –

This pattern is for advanced crocheters and it is written in American English terms. There is no diagram but helpful tips and photos too.

It can be made in any self patterning yarn and it will always look great.

The yarn I used contains:

75% Wool
25% Nylon

The longest side is about 56″ and two shorter are about 38″ long

Hand wash, air dry


progress of the shawl

January 26, 2013


by izabela

school is good

I am a LSA which is Learning Support Assistant for a 7 years old boy,

he has autism and he is fantastic kid

there are days that I still don’t know what I am doing

or how to talk to him to encourage him to do do a little bit more work,

but most of the days I get to see him reading, writing, drawing, coloring and having really good fun with other children

other children in the class are also very sweet

I am Mrs Motyl, I say

one little girl, as this word isn’t anything they know,

keeps calling me Mrs Mole (which is so funny, because I know she believes what she’s saying

with all her heart) but I got also another new name: Mrs Metal – given by the boy who probably didn’t know how to call me

so that was the closest thing he could think of

bless 🙂


remember this?

photo of the triangular crochet shawl

photo of the crochet set on the model

photo of the fingereless mittens

photo of the crochet set

photo the pretty crochet mitten

I had a moment and I remembered about my shawls,

I have designed it few years ago

and forgot to make any last year, but found amazing photos of the matching set

made for custom order some time ago

so as a treat I thought I could offer them again as a custom make

in my online shop

I think I need to make them in those crazy colors as it makes the set look so happy 🙂

few more I have made and sold over years:

November 8, 2010

winter set is ready

by izabela

remember this post with some work in progress?

well the set is ready and i am really happy how it turned out

i did not know what shawl i want to make and what hat i want to make

but now once i made it i am sure they all match perfectly together

this set should give you a little retro feeling

if it doesn’t it means i failed but i still like it 🙂


crochet beret, shawl and fingerless mittens in grey


crochet beret, shawl and fingerless mittens in grey


crochet beret, shawl and fingerless mittens in grey


retro style crochet beret, shawl and fingerless mittens in grey


crochet fingerless mittens with a rose


i would be very happy to make more sets like that

maybe not exactly the same, but if someone wants similar

no problem



October 19, 2010

woman changes…

by izabela

in poland we say that women change their minds like they change gloves…

i don’t know how much true is there for each of us

but it is so true in my case…


I have opened yet another etsy shop and got mad taking photos…

first item is this wrap

the other change is also that I am going to donate 15% from each sale to charities i support

Water Aid



and there will be some patterns fro sale too

first one is almost ready but not yet for sale

the shawl

i hope the style of it doesn’t look too silly because i really like it

but then in some time i might change my mind again 😉


April 22, 2010


by izabela

>i just wanted to show you all how my desk looks this week, I didn’t have time for nothing but work so everything landed on the side, more and more each day…

working on granny squares, finishing shawl and mittens and some gardening, just no time left for nothing else…

and just started my newest commission Red Lacy top in bright red

oh and last thing, my boy is really an artist, he just won The Easter Art competition in his year at school isn’t it pretty? have a look yourself

April 21, 2010


by izabela


Beautiful crocheted set of fingerless mittens and triangular shawl great for a gift for your daughter, mother and girlfriend…

can be made to your order and sent to you within three weeks


the yarn is machine washable which makes it best choice for everyone even very busy woman…

contains 75% wool and 25% nylon

the shawl is in size 60/42/42 but it can be made bigger or smaller

mittens can be made in a small, medium or large size

if you would like this item in different shades why not to send me a message for available colors

now you can order this set in any of my shops or send me a message here on this blog 
April 15, 2010


by izabela

>recently I got an idea to make more earrings but different – more colorful… fell in love with colors and you can see how much, in my creations,

as well I became a member of Crafting In Color Etsy Team which is fantastic, as colors is all i love in life

finished and sent off latest commission – a set Triangular Crochet Shawl and Fingerless Mittens With A Flower all made from my favorite sock yarn…

March 28, 2010


by izabela

>there is Palm Sunday today but I will not write about it at all…

just have to share a photo of my daughter’s summer gloves I am working on now, the design is almost same as my long opera gloves but without the pineapple pattern in the middle…

and how much I love that green color you can see on my nails as well 🙂

there is some progress on my latest triangular shawl, I mean it is almost finished and there is new one started in a lovely Indian Red shades and a very yummy yarn…

and some South African flowers – proteas – I got from work to keep you all happy 🙂

March 20, 2010


by izabela


…they are even finer and I used the tiniest crochet hook I have – 0.5, yarn is a mercerised cotton yarn in size 70,

how do you like them? because I think they are so much nicer then my other ones (made using 0.9 or 1.0 crochet hook)

recently sold my rainbow shawl so just made another one little bit different and today started new because someone ordered a set – matching mittens and shawl 🙂

and last photo of my son’s with long hair, now his hair is short…

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