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February 2, 2011

this loneliness

by izabela

i got this weird crash on nordic bands playing electro-pop and experimental

and indie music

the knife, royksopp, robin

now it is 2011 and i just found lykke li and el perro del mar

no idea why i never noticed them yet


maybe this is how i feel recently

because not everything goes perfectly well in my life

but hey

it is not too bad

and you all people make me happy so much, this year just started,

but i am already booked for three great events

two in just two weeks

and one in march (this one is the most exciting as i never done wedding show

nor something longer than one day)

please read more on my isamo crochet website news

(this is also changing a lot recently – please forgive me that)


watch then my other favorite song

this time from lykke li


and have sneaky peek at my latest necklace design

not finished yet

teal blue crochet flowers

new necklace design

crochet jewelry

experimenting with photography

take care


January 19, 2011

my creative space… experimenting with crochet

by izabela

for those who know me a little

this will not be any surprise

if you read my blog

or read my old blog

you know how much i love new things

i mean making new things


i made this necklace after playing with dorset buttons

i bought from big blue bed

alix makes those handmade petit dorset buttons

and sells them in her etsy shop

and i had an idea from the day i saw them first time

it is now available in my etsy shop



newest creation

dorset buttons and crochet necklace


but that is not the end of my crochet jewellery fun

look at this and wonder 😉

that is my next thing… not finished yet of course  🙂


spheric crochet

my spheric crochet experiments


and just to share with you

a little sample for a customer

crochet flowers that already were called NANO 😉



nano crochet

tiny crochet flowers

crochet daisies

tiny crochet daisies

more creative spaces on kootoyoo’s blog

January 14, 2011

thrifty buying

by izabela

i really like buying things of a good quality

but they don’t always have to be very expensive

i regularly visit my local charitiy shops and look for nice things

and i know i will not spend a lot of money as they cost almost nothing

this way i have something what if has been worn

still looks great

and it means it is good quality

i have more money left in my pocket

and what is really really important

i am lowering the amount of rubbish in this country 🙂



sounds funny but true

buying is the every nation worst disease

and the more and the cheaper

the more rubbish produced

recently i bought this lovely coat

and i love it so much


thrifty find

my new coat


also i thought i make something for me finally so i made this neck-warmer

“It can be worn as a hood or cape or neck-warmer.

Its unique design its called moebius (mobius) and it is a surface that has only one side and one boundary, some people call it infinity.”

i wear it almost every day

and love it so much

that i also put it in my etsy shop as a made to order


crochet cowl

my moebius neckwarmer



crochet cowl moebius infinity shawl

me wearing my creation


also i put as made to order my old design

long lace opera gloves



lacy fingerless gloves

my favorite gloves



crochet gloves

me wearing them 🙂


so what do you think

they not too bad, are they…?



November 24, 2010

romantic hand warmers

by izabela

i was wondering what do you think about my new make

i have seen similar hand warmers already

but not so romantic and lacy

but i love lace

and old fashioned style 🙂

crochet warmers with a bow

soon available in my shops

November 19, 2010

fingerless mittens and inspiration

by izabela

my last fair wasn’t the best for me money-wise

but lovely day and great event for meeting crafty people and friends

and chatting to potential customers

do you remember what i was making for the fair?

the mittens look fantastic in my opinion and they got loads of positive comments,

but didn’t sell any on the day

after the fair i got the order, from one of the ladies that saw them on my stall,


yes two, so one of them is already posted as the other pair is in custom colors




fingerless mittens with a rose

sent to a customer

have got more colors to come 🙂



by the way

are you on pinterest?

some time ago i joined and since then find inspiration from other people’s finds

and it is so easy to share what you like

and nice that you can follow people with similar interests and taste as you

so if you like to get inspired and like to share and pin things for future use

this is the site for you

oh and i find this site’s interface as very very friendly 🙂

check my pinterests too (still building it)





November 8, 2010

winter set is ready

by izabela

remember this post with some work in progress?

well the set is ready and i am really happy how it turned out

i did not know what shawl i want to make and what hat i want to make

but now once i made it i am sure they all match perfectly together

this set should give you a little retro feeling

if it doesn’t it means i failed but i still like it 🙂


crochet beret, shawl and fingerless mittens in grey


crochet beret, shawl and fingerless mittens in grey


crochet beret, shawl and fingerless mittens in grey


retro style crochet beret, shawl and fingerless mittens in grey


crochet fingerless mittens with a rose


i would be very happy to make more sets like that

maybe not exactly the same, but if someone wants similar

no problem



October 26, 2010


by izabela

i am really, really sorry for such late post with my winners

but i had my mum staying with me for the weekend and i didn’t expect that this will take all my free time

such a shame she left now, would like to keep her longer here – maybe next time



i loved all your answers and guesses, there wasn’t one 100% hit with a guess but a lot of guesses were really close

anyway i said that is only a fun game to try to guess as this could really be anything 🙂

this is very christmas color indeed and pattern as well

little red trees

this may make a lovely christmas gift for a female friend or family member

it isn’t finished yet

but this is going to be a warm cowl or neck-warmer

made from blend of extra fine merino, acrylic microfibre and cashmere

very very soft



and as there was two different kind of guesses

  • very close guesses
  • just guesses

i thought that i draw two from the first box

and one from the second box



Kitschy Coo


and Aimee


visit my folksy shop

here you can find all the different earrings patterns

choose one and let me know in what color would you like it made…


i am off to contact you about the details


thank you all for taking part in this little game

i hope you all enjoyed

and i see you next time 🙂


October 7, 2010

my new place to stay creative…

by izabela

i have not only got a new camera to keep me happy, i got this cool corner workstation to stay creative all the time

and this is how my creative space looks today

just finishing the vitamin shawl which i am making to write down my first pattern for sale and it is still not done…

started a new pattern for a black neck-warmer and still working on some jewellery pieces…




September 27, 2010

making earrings…

by izabela

i am making new earrings for next craft fairs (christmas ones) and i am enjoying using my new camera too


i was really missing buying diy books so decided to get a couple of new japanese craft books, i love them so much, just view them from time to time and sometimes i start some new WIPs to probably never finish… hopefully i will finish this one

crochet books

wip in rainbow

September 18, 2010

black rose

by izabela

i made this necklace and i really love it, crocheted tiny black flowers with some leaves with a stem

this could look lovely in white or cream (or any color) as an addition to a wedding dress

i am going to make bracelet and earrings too…


do you like it? is that anything you would consider to buy as a wedding jewellery?

maybe i shall add some beads in the middle of the flowers?

would be grateful for any tips

wedding jewellery

wedding jewellery

wedding jewellery

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