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February 13, 2013

wedding jewellery

by izabela

recently i have applied for a wedding fair in craft central in london

and my application was accepted

i am crazy working now every day to prepare for this event, because i got so many new ideas and so many fixes to existing designs

of course i will be posting photos of the puff soon

but today please say hello to my beaded and crocheted jewellery line

these are only working photos but i hope they are exciting enough

my  new delicate crochet jewellery


photo of beaded and crocheted necklaces

photo of the crochet necklace worn as a bracelet


i hope you like the tiny flowers wrapped around your wrist

i can make them in many colors and this is grand because the world without colors wouldn’t be worth exploring…


almost forgot:

if you are around maidenhead some time this year – our pop up shop is now back

we are open from wednesday to sunday

our cabinets and stands are full of handcrafted goods made by artisans from the area

and you are all invited

for the next five weeks we are next to clinton cards in nicholsons shopping centre

and after that we are moving to the next empty shop

here is the map of the centre of maidenhead where you can find us:

see u soon 🙂

January 23, 2013

another beautiful color for my favorite necklace

by izabela

another beautiful color for my favorite necklace

photo of the delicate crochet necklace in maroon

photo of the flower necklace in maroon

Beautiful delicate crochet flower necklace (or bracelet if you wish 😉 )

just added to my website,

please feel free to comment and buy of course 😀

December 2, 2012

crocheted necklaces

by izabela




I remember when I first made that necklace, I blogged about it on my blogger blog then, I think it was four years ago, someone read about it and bought it straight away. I am so glad, because since then I made many and I really love to make them.

Recently after a long break in my little design business I received two separate orders for them and one is in orange, huge thanks to my client as that color is my all time favorite. It was really exciting to make it in orange and here are the results. I hope you like it too. I have them available on my website and actually I can make it any color you like because that cotton comes in a wide spectrum of colors 🙂

The bracelet can be also used as a necklace so it is very special piece of jewellery find it here – Izabela Motyl


April 2, 2010


by izabela

>not too long ago I had a couple of new ideas and totally new designs, then I thought I am just repeating myself making another triangular shawl (and another and another yet – which, by the way, was inspired by the table cloth I made for my mum ages ago and photo of this lovely shawl on raverly / non-raverly people can find it here, but made just from my head) and started seeing people not behaving nicely and copying my own, hard worked on, designs (and I mean copying, even taking the photos in exactly same way) with a note that this is their own design without even a word about inspiration (this is about my delicate necklaces, which were inspired by this lovely lady and her fantastic necklaces which I really didn’t want to copy so got my own idea of using vintage edging and doilies patterns to make my own ones), but today I finally made few things that where stuck to my brain for weeks, I wanted to do some crochet earrings – similar to the ones I am making already and that were inspired by all the other lovely crochet earrings we can see actually everywhere, only mine are much finer, this time they are colorful crazy crochet doilies made into earrings, not finished yet but here is a sneaky peek on them…

and got an itch to start making mini doilies from one of my Japanese crochet books and first ready one is just gorgeous… isn’t it? the next in progress is from Polish crochet magazine and is made from tiny motifs – I am not really sure what I will use them for but maybe they will be framed…

blessings to all and Happy Easter

April 20, 2009


by izabela

>the time is so lovely, the weather is spoiling us now so I feel full of energy… I recently had a custom order for a teeny tiny crochet dress and it was the tiniest dress I ever made (when I was a child I used to make clothes for my dolls but they were much bigger)

cudowny czas, pogoda nas rozpieszcza i ja dostalam zastrzyk nowej energii… dostalam ostatnio zamowienie na malenka szydelkowa sukieneczke i byla to najmniejsza sukienka jaka w zyciu zrobilam (jako dziecko robilam ubranka moim lalkom ale byly one duzo wieksze) dla tych ktorym nic wielkosc tej monety nie mowi powiem ze sukienka ma okolo 3 cm dlugosci…

and got a little bit carried away with experimenting with lace but I still like it, probably you all know now what is this white thing I am crocheting…

i ostatnio troche mnie ponioslo z eksperymentami z koronka ale jednak nadal ta rzecz mi sie podoba, z pewnoscia wszyscy juz wiecie co to jest co na zdjeciu wlasnie dziergam…

and finally I helped my husband to set up a shop on etsyDEINDE and this lovely clay harlequin, if you are familiar with etsy please go there and give him some hearts… he needs that…

a i jeszcze nowina – pomoglam mezowi zalozyc sklep na etsyDEINDE i wystawic tego oto cudnego arlekina, jesli ktos z was zna sie na etsy to odwiedzcie sklep i podarujcie mu troche serduszek bo on tego wlasnie potrzebuje…

oh and last week on Wednesday the High Street Market has started the season so we bought this (on special request from my hubby) lovely Italian bread tasting almost like our Polish one… didn`t last too long, unfortunately…

a w zeszlym tygodniu na naszej High Street rozpoczal sie sezon marketowy wiec zakupilismy sobie to (na specjalna prosbe mezusia) wspanialy wloski chleb smakujacy prawie jak nasz polski… niestety nie przetrwal za dlugo, skonsumowany przez czlonkow rodziny…

April 19, 2009


by izabela


this is the latest custom order I had and as well the tiniest crochet dress I ever made…
used very fine crochet thread in cream and some glass beads, for me is the sweetest dress for the tiny porcelain baby doll…

March 29, 2009


by izabela

>I was busy crocheting new custom order – baby bootees, now I just have to design a nice simple crochet headband with a flower, what shouldn`t be hard… (I hope)

szybciutko musialam wydziergac szydelkowe buciki na zamowienie, a teraz musze wymyslec ladna, prosta szydelkowa opaske do wlosow z kwiatkiem, co nie powinno przysporzyc mi zadnych problemow… (mam nadzieje)

few years ago my daughter said to me: “can you crochet me something?” and what has happened? this… I am sure it a cat, but a very silly one…

kilka lat temu moja corka zapytala: “mozesz mi cos >>uszyc<

I promised you photos of growing rug, I will but later in a day… and as I didn`t touch all week because it is my Sunday project you will see it as it was last Sunday…

have lovely day…

obiecalam wam zdjecia powiekszajacego sie dywanika, ale to pozniej… i jako ze nie robilam z nim nic przez caly tydzien, poniewaz jest to moj niedzielny projekt zobaczycie go takim jaki byl w ostatnia niedziele…

milego dnia…

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