a moment of reflection

by izabela

i know i have abandoned my blog

my readers and other blogs too

there are times that i just get stuck and can’t find a way to carry on as before

but don’t worry hopefully not for long

i am busy working that is good

also some new designs in my little shop

my website (i think) looks pretty good 😉

and i am being out and about

and you can read more about it here

so please spend a minute and tell me what do you think

about those bracelets

newest addition to my shop

there is many color combos coming i hope 😀

crochet bracelet

crochet bracelet

I really like to make them

and they look really good on your wrist

i also think they can be worn by males or females


7 Comments to “a moment of reflection”

  1. I’m loving yuor new bracelets, great summer holiday wear!

  2. Those bracelets look great. I’m sure they will be popular.

  3. I too am in a bit of a void, but glad you’re still working and creating – love the bracelets, the design is fantastic!

    • thank you so much for your comment and coming back, I still make things, just the social part of my life died completely at this moment, need to build it up a little 🙂

  4. I just received one of them.
    Great bracelets! – For men or woman…
    Love it! Thanks so much!

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