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June 18, 2013

new triangular scarves

by izabela

I started making another scarf with triangular motifs and the first one isn’t really finished yet,

but this is me being over excited with the colors play 🙂

whilst i think i know how the completed scarf will look at the beginning of the project

things come out differently sometimes and i need to look for a change in the plan

well this time i think i might need to add something on each end of the scarf to make it more special

if you have any ideas you would like to share, please do

i would love to hear them 🙂

crochet scarf

crochet scarf

crochet scarf

triangle motifs

thank you for visiting me 🙂

May 13, 2013

my shrug is in the magazine

by izabela

i so missed you and the real blogging thing

i can’t say much what is going on right now because it is all happening so fast

changing form day to day you would get bored if i shared that all ;D

but as i have some really exciting news to share (that should be blogged long time ago)

here it is all:

i have been asked if i don’t mind to appear in the wedding feature in the inside crochet magazine (of course i don’t mind, i would looooooove to 😀 ) i agreed and the magazine is out and i am sharing yesterday news, but still exciting to me…

my shrug featured in the magazine :)

and that is not all from my very exciting news to share with my best blogging friends and other readers

after meeting lovely Judith from Fringe gallery in london i now can say that you can buy my jewellery there and if you are anywhere near alexandra park road you have to go and visit this gallery, it is probably the nicest place to be, to buy beautiful yarns, fine cotton threads, vintage threads, buttons, trimmings, probably everything you need to keep your textile hobby going and definitely best place to be inspired by textile artists producing textile artwork and jewellery in such a unique way… and if that was not enough – you can also find variety of workshops that can help you learn some new craft techniques

and here you have the photo of the delicate crochet lace earrings in progress – same that can be found at the Fringe gallery

earrings in progress

May 4, 2013

jewellery showcase

by izabela

hi all

i hope you are as happy and enthusiastic as me,

because i just left my jewellery at Norden Farm Centre for The Arts in the cabinet to be there until almost end of june

this is great feeling and if more people can see what i am making

i will be much happier

(not that i am not happy, but you get it, don’t you)


jewellery dipsly at norden farm

and some progress of my latest makes

crochet jewellery in progress

i hope you all have amazing weekend

like we here enjoying the spring that has finally sprang and really nice long weekend


December 8, 2010

higher purpose of my business and the story

by izabela

i want to tell you about the article i just read

it is something many of us just don’t remember

thousands of handmade shops on the virtual space and another thousands just starting

because there is such an easy access to internet

blogging, social networking sites and easy way of paying for things

but do we really like to make things we desperately try to sell?

article about the story behind your business

worth reading and worth rethinking your your purposes


i can say that i love to crochet

i love perfect things

i love lace

i always dreamed about my own little boutique in a little village

having tea and biscuits with friends visiting me

i love to crochet and its mathematical patterns

i always loved maths and i was always pretty good at it

and i have a story

discovering new ways for traditional art of handmaking

but i am no good at writing stories unfortunately

so i am not a big seller on etsy with no time for myself

i am happy making my little orders for people that are happy to receive well made handmade

worth its price creation



let’s see what is that i was making recently…

crochet baby slippers in progress

almost ready ear warmers

crochet handwarmers in progress

crochet head/ear warmers are already available to buy from my shop

take care


January 3, 2007

first ever post

by izabela

zaczynam, nie wiem wlasciwie dlaczego tak a nie inaczej nazwalam swoje pisanie

jestem chwilowo w domu bo dzieci maja wolne od szkoly, chcialam jakos wykorzystac ten czas aby nauczyc Palke szydelkowac, przeciez skonczy niedlugo 8 lat wiec jak zawsze powtarzam ja w tym wieku to… ( i tu kazdy pewnie moze dodac swoje… ) ale niezupelnie jej to wychodzi no coz moze nie jest do tego stworzona i dobrze bo kazdy jest inny

a ja jak juz wpadlam w szal tworzenia:

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