anyone feeling same?

by izabela

just changed my life again, completely…

not that i complain, but it would be nice to at least, for once, be relaxed

my little business has grown a bit more this year, i work at school now almost full time (that changed two weeks ago, got offered more hours and said yes)

i should be happy, but to make things more difficult for myself i said yes to something else too, do you remember the time from january this year?

i was contacted by her again and said yes, so it seems that i have two full time jobs and two part time jobs, no time to sleep, no time to feel anything

can you tell me why everything has to happen at the same time, why where you are looking to find a job you can’t find anything and when you finally find something you get to choose? i don’t want to choose i still want my crocheting business to grow, i want to work at school with children and i want to freelance weaving beautiful jewellery… and be a mum… i don’t want to give up anything…

so decided to give some work to people that can crochet and would like to do some crochet to earn some extra income in their spare time, if this is you or you know anyone, please contact me through my email at: iz dot igna at gmail dot com

i cannot pay a lot, but trust me it is nice and easy crochet 🙂

i am just too tired to do everything 🙂


there is two photos of my jewellery at my latest fair:

photos from my latest fair photos from my latest fair

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