flickr favorites – happy

by izabela

this week’s flickr favorites are themed as this is the first week of the month, the theme is happy, so the mosaic should be built on what makes you happy

i thought that i am such a happy girl, actually anything makes me happy, so it could be hard to find my favorite happy – in the end i decided that i choose a few things that make me feel best and that is it, my happy mosaic… missing a lot of things happy but at least you know me more from now 🙂

my family always makes me happy, my children, now we have a dog too, they can be bad, loud, naughty or sweet as sugar but that is it – they always make me happy 🙂

then comes a chocolate, if you see me in a bad mood bring me some of it and i smile straight away 🙂

of course if i can find time to create things i am happy as a bunny – most of the time this is crocheting, but many times i do some other creative activities as well

and dance – i am not a dancer, but i love it, i listen to all sorts of music, but if i can dance i feel great, and on the photo there is Rachel Brice, one of my favorite dancers (tribal, belly dance, cabaret – she mixes a lot in a fantastic way)


what makes me happy


1. TF9: Rachel Brice (CA), 2. Chocolate Tower – 19th February 2009, 3. Go on creating, 4. The Finger Family


and if you want to share your favorite photos too, go to artmind’s blog here



3 Comments to “flickr favorites – happy”

  1. 🙂 Lovely happy choices

  2. Happiness has many reasons. Your mosaic looks great!

  3. I love the themed mosaics as it usually gives me a little peek into the players lives. 😉
    Writing a blog is fun but sometimes I wonder who the readers are and so I’m happy that you are playing along! 🙂
    I love all your happies – most of them would make me happy too & it’s so lovely to read that actually anything can make you happy as I feel the same way! 🙂

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