new makes

by izabela

i thought that this is the perfect time to start making something, this shawl in very loud colors needs to be finished, so i keep making few stitches everyday and i am almost done with it now, the colors are fantastic and if it wasn’t going straight to my shop i would wear it myself…

crochet shawl

crochet shawl


photos are not too perfect because are taken with my mobile, but i am preparing to buy new camera and soon will have a great toy to play with 🙂


and my children used to collect those tiny toys – go go’es crazy bones and now they are back to it as there is new series, they are bit different now and so cute…

go go 'es

crazy bones


3 Comments to “new makes”

  1. I love the shawl – the colours are wonderful.

  2. I love the edging on the shawl, in fact I love the shawl!! My boys love those craxy bones too last time round, haven;t seen those new ones yet, all I remember of them is that they really hurt when you stand on them!!

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