today was a fun day

by izabela

as Sunday is normally a fun day we were spending it almost all out and about…


i think they had best fun ever climbing on this wall, i wasn’t able to move too much today (female things) but i was having fun taking photos


i love to dress up mixing finds from thrift and charity stores, maybe that is why i want to share my today’s look, the dress was a lovely very black dress i got recently in a charity shop (by warehouse), then when I washed it in a washing machine the black color faded but it still a lovely dress, the jacket is really old as i bought it like ten years ago in a second hand shop back in Poland and i had it and loved it but i think that are its lasts days because the fabric got a little too stretched anyway still doing its job (by mexx), then a handbag is the perfect shape of a handbag for me, got it in a charity shop couple of months ago, has got hundreds of little pockets that make me always lost looking for everything, then my shoes are not from any second hand source, but they are now my favorite ones, just bought them and love them (by skechers)

outfit for sunday

hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are ready for work



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