by izabela

>Normally i don`t believe this things but it is quite well related to me ha…

You Are An ESTP
The Doer
You are adventurous and risk taking. You act first, think second.You love being the center of attention. Chances are you were the class clown.Competitive, charming, and charismatic – you have your own code of honor.You live a flexible life, bouncing between a series of activities that interest you.
In love, you are a master seducer… and quite manipulative when you want to be.If someone loves you, you’ll only believe their actions. Words don’t mean a whole lot to you.
At work, you are a “people person.” You’re especially good at getting people to do what you want.You would make a great salesperson, marketing director, or entrepreneur.
How you see yourself: Reasonable, proficient, and tough
How other people see you: Flaky, unrealistic, and untrustworthy

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