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August 17, 2013


by izabela

it has been a while, but i am back

we went for a short holiday in scotland and i fell in love

always knew that highlands are very different and beautiful, but what i didn’t know is that it will that amazing

hills, mountains, fresh water and nature

definitely a place to go back and back again

see for yourself if you don’t believe

enjoy and wait for more photos 🙂

November 26, 2012

train and traveling

by izabela

Since I remember I always loved traveling by train, or by coach too, but mostly train, now for a year I had to go to work and spend 3 hours a day just getting there and back, sometimes it is ok, sometimes as probably most of you know too, it is so horrible, too many people, too hot, too cold, crowded and full of hate…

I am quite lucky because where I get on the train I still can get a place to sit and when I feel like it I can do some crochet 🙂

so check some of my travel work and tell me what you think

May 30, 2010

the perfect Sunday again…

by izabela

as the weather was just perfect for cycling, we decided to ride to Windsor to have ice-creams by the river, the way there has taken us only an hour, but he way back (as we have chosen different way) was really long but we got back eventually and happily home 🙂 to get the real feeling of today’s trip you can see my photos…

on the bridge over the Thames River

road sign to Windsor and Eton

on the way, cycling

view on the castle

having a rest before the way back

the time for rest and a munch

December 28, 2009


by izabela

>I hope you all were having lovely time, could see all the family and relatives… I was busy but had spent best time, my mum and dad and my sister with her husband and baby came over on Christmas Eve, on Christmas Day we went over to my sister and had a proper English Christmas dinner – well the time is always magical for me and differs from all other holidays…

and on Boxing Day we wanted to go somewhere special and as roads and motorways are packed with cars and traffic and it is not nice to travel like that so we didn’t go far…

we visited Windsor and deer park… the weather was just right – no rain, no wind, no cold and amazing light and colors…

Mam nadzieje ze wszyscy spedziliscie cudowny czas, spotkali sie z cala rodzina i bliskimi… ja mialam mnostwo do zrobioenia bo moja mama, tata, siostra z mezem i coreczka przyszli na Wigilie, w pierwszy dzien swiat my odwiedzilismy siostre i zjedlismy prawdziwy swiateczny angielski obiad – ten czas jest zawsze magiczny dla mnie i rozni sie od wszystkich innych swiat…

w drugi dzien swiat postanowilismy gdzies pojechac ale niestety autostrady i drogi napakowane samochodami i jakos tak nie fajnie sie jezdzi wiec daleko nie pojechalismy…

odweidzilismy Windsor i park jeleni… pogoda byla w sam raz – bez deszczu, bez wiatru, nie za zimno, cudowne swiatla i kolory…

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