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August 17, 2013


by izabela

it has been a while, but i am back

we went for a short holiday in scotland and i fell in love

always knew that highlands are very different and beautiful, but what i didn’t know is that it will that amazing

hills, mountains, fresh water and nature

definitely a place to go back and back again

see for yourself if you don’t believe

enjoy and wait for more photos 🙂

July 13, 2010

flickr favorites – dream vacation

by izabela

i just thought i won’t have any idea on what to play on today’s flickr favorites, but when resting on the sofa with a big headache, i started dreaming about my holidays and where would i like to go this year… well it is going to be very soon because in two weeks i will disappear for about three weeks somewhere in Poland 🙂

so just to show you some beautiful place to spent your summer (or winter) holidays in Poland – Beskidy – some not very high mountains in Poland and so pretty – want something different this year? Beskidy is the perfect choice… see yourself


1. Train trip into Beskidy, 2. Beskidy., 3. Beskidy, September 2005, 4. Beskidy

and to see more mosaics visit Mitsy’s blog Artmind and share your favorites if you fancy too – mosaic maker

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