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July 16, 2009


by izabela


I just felt in love with this shop – Heart And Soil Baskets… I have seen Hen`s creations before and know them from craft forum but now I think I really need to get one of those baskets… please have a look on this photo and feel like you are at home… and I love this photo

Hen also carves wooden spoons and other things from wood…
and writes a lovely blog Heart And Soil Baskets – please read what she says about herself:

My name is hen and I craft baskets and small hurdles from Somerset willow and materials foraged from the hedgerows of the Cotswolds. The name Heart and Soil comes from my passion for the sustainable management of our countryside.
Our ancient oak woodland, hidden away in a wild valley in Exmoor, offers me the opportunity to hone my carving skills. As and when I have any wood products for sale I’ll pop them in the shop!

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