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January 19, 2011

my creative space… experimenting with crochet

by izabela

for those who know me a little

this will not be any surprise

if you read my blog

or read my old blog

you know how much i love new things

i mean making new things


i made this necklace after playing with dorset buttons

i bought from big blue bed

alix makes those handmade petit dorset buttons

and sells them in her etsy shop

and i had an idea from the day i saw them first time

it is now available in my etsy shop



newest creation

dorset buttons and crochet necklace


but that is not the end of my crochet jewellery fun

look at this and wonder 😉

that is my next thing… not finished yet of course  🙂


spheric crochet

my spheric crochet experiments


and just to share with you

a little sample for a customer

crochet flowers that already were called NANO 😉



nano crochet

tiny crochet flowers

crochet daisies

tiny crochet daisies

more creative spaces on kootoyoo’s blog

May 11, 2009


by izabela


I made this one recently and this is just one of a kind I think, as I don`t plan to make more (unless I change my mind)

crocheted from bright red cotton yarn with weaved in viskose ribbon yarn (electric blue), lovely handmade button (Hollingdale Designs) I think the colors look perfect together and I love the way it lays on your wrist, there is no sewing at all and the button is attached straight to the ribbon and falling off is almost impossible…

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