simple ways to grow, review 2

by izabela

finally i got a moment to finalize my mailing marketing

(the weather is really too nice to be at home, but i already had my coffee and breakfast

in the garden, so a little bit of work is not gonna harm me 🙂 )

my 50 addresses from the data supplied by simple ways to grow is ready

just needed to do the artwork for a mail, you get to choose from a4 letter, greeting card and postcard

and i have chosen postcard as this seems the most appropriate way to let someone know about an exhibition

simple ways to grow uses docmail for direct mailing

it all looked so scary to me as i like easy interface of website and user friendly applications that don’t use

too complicated words, but you get a lot of instructions that you can find on the website here

and also in the welcoming email you receive pdf with nice explanation of all your steps,

to be honest i still wasn’t convinced to read that

just had a look and went straight to the website and clicked “create my mailing”

after choosing the product type (postcard for me)

choosing the friendly name that you can save all your data under,

choosing delivery type and time,

you can download your own artwork (scary to me, i wouldn’t be able to do that

i like computers and photography, but creating artworks is something extra)

or just go straight to “design your own postcard” and this is what i was looking for,

easy, step by step instructions, everything works just as i like

downloading the photo for one side of your postcard, on the other side writing the message, save, view and download the proof ,

you can also download the template as word and add some text to your photo if you want

(but later you have to download the edited template again)

and off we go to the pay for the service button

and we are done

what i just found out is that you can use that service as pay as you go

so no contracts – i will probably use it again

(you can upload your addresses from your customer base and one full colored letter, with envelope, printing and shipping costs only £0.43 plus vat, not bad ha? i also think it is slightly cheaper if you top up your account before – because they charge £0.35 for credit/debit card processing)

easy peasy

and this is my artwork


crochet flowers bracelet with peridot


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