simple ways to grow, review 1

by izabela

i am trying out the new service offered by Royal Mail

and i hope you find my notes useful, i have been thinking of letting some local people know about my existence

and as i am just getting my jewellery ready for the exhibition in Norden Farm Arts Centre that starts on Monday

and will last almost till the end of June 🙂 i thought that this will be the perfect opportunity to do it.

if you go to Simple Ways To Grow website here

you can find really useful advice and tips to not only grow your business, but how things like marketing work,

why do you need social networking and some more…

I needed some direct mail to be sent out and before i thought that this is too complicated and too expensive

for my pocket to try, but actually with £54 a month (or one of payment) you can do a lot

on the website it says that the starter marketing (direct post and e-mail marketing) is £45 but the information is misleading

as this is the cost without VAT (and i am one of those small businesses that did not sign up for VAT – so for me the cost of the service is £54)

if you know that you only need direct mail or only e-mail marketing it is £59 without VAT

i have signed up and even the payment process takes a little longer than i am used to

this definitely felt more secure and trustworthy too

they use World Pay to process your payment and i know from experience that it works fine

after the payment i got the confirmation and note that within few working hours i get the welcome letter from the service and all the info i need to start using it

i got my welcome emails very quickly

my next move is choosing the list of potential customers, i was rather prepared to this and i sort of knew who i would like to add, what people i would like to invite to my exhibition, but the steps are quite easy and you can play with it for as long as you want – even if you by mistake click to save your list the software will ask if you are sure that this is the list you are ordering, so if not you can amend it and search again, i would suggest reading more tips before choosing your target list here

my list is ready to go, but i am still to read the instructions on how to start preparing my invite


to be continued…


and for you to look at

the photo of my latest work in progress:

new colors for spring

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