Craft Central Gets Hitched – review

by izabela

i have spent great four days at the event

firstly admiring the quality of british made wedding themed products

and then actually exploring artists and their skills

and lastly i am so happy to spend this time around such beautiful people weirdly feeling so close to complete strangers

almost like i knew them for ever 🙂


i have to say that we (our room where we were exhibiting) were definitely the most friendly bunch or at least i was left with that good vibes every day…

i fell in love with amazing jewellery by Michelle

you can find out more about her and her jewellery on her website Michelle Oh

michelle oh

michelle oh

and i am planning on getting one of those rings as soon as i can

i also admire the fabulous fine wire jewellery by Rina Tairo he crochets, knits and wraps beautiful stones in fine silver and gold wire, just so amazing that i could not take my eyes off them


rina tairo

rina tairo

please also check my little gallery of photos that when you click on them – they will take you to artist’s websites – they are all worth checking and not only if you are getting married…

Laser Bean leather cut masks…


Tactile Wonderland dreamy surface designs…

tactile wonderland

tactile wonderland

great stitched or to stitch gifts by Cerys Turner

cerys turner

beautiful dresses by Zoe Lem

zoe lem

bridal lacy accessories by Faulkner and Carter

faulkner and carter

really funky details at Bailey Tomlin hats

love the fine flowers of agapanthus

bailey tomlin hats


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