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February 25, 2013

tv and drama

by izabela

just discovered a thing about myself, that i didn’t know

i always loved tv and series and films etc to watch in my spare time (or rather to watch while i do my crocheting)

but i just noticed that if i don’t have no tv series to watch on regularly – my life seems so empty

i mean i know it is not empty – i have my family, lovely children, nice job, great hobby and small business

also a dog, friends and small garden to take care of – i am actually quite a happy person,

but nothing is as good as watching some good tv drama (best if it is a crime one for me)

films – yes, but they just seem so flat when everything ends after couple of hours

this waiting for the next “what is going to happen tomorrow” is the thing that i need every day

without that i am not myself ;p

so to all the producers in the world – please do something that will keep me going 😉

and to makers of “prison break” why only 4 seasons?


and if any of you missed my new jewellery

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