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January 30, 2013

sit on it…

by izabela

ok start of the year, busy at work, new life and all…

but I just received my second order this year which I am soooooo

excited about and I needed to do some research first and you won’t believe what I am going to make

a crochet puff

no sorry, not one two puffs


so if you ever want to make one, I have some finds that gave me loads of inspration

(and some new favorite blogs to read, too)

how about this chunky crocheted puff?

Puffs from Lacasadecoto

and this one is just the most amazing thing to sit on and play with it 🙂

Puffs from Miga de Pan

unfortunately found those on google but never could find the link to an artist

(if you are the maker of those, please let me know and I will update the info)

crochet home deco

very colorful re-stored puffs,  just love them

Colorful puffs from Puerta Al Sur

and those

Puff stitch crochet puffs from Rixxt


and if you ever wanted to know how to crochet in the round

or how to make flat crochet circle, please visit Lucy from Attic24

crochet all year round, no limits 🙂

how to make flat crochet circle

i hope to post some updates on my puffs soon

maybe even a pattern

who knows


January 28, 2013

the cuff

by izabela

new cuff that is now ready to buy in my shop

i just love making things using vintage finds

and that design is my all time favorite

January 26, 2013


by izabela

school is good

I am a LSA which is Learning Support Assistant for a 7 years old boy,

he has autism and he is fantastic kid

there are days that I still don’t know what I am doing

or how to talk to him to encourage him to do do a little bit more work,

but most of the days I get to see him reading, writing, drawing, coloring and having really good fun with other children

other children in the class are also very sweet

I am Mrs Motyl, I say

one little girl, as this word isn’t anything they know,

keeps calling me Mrs Mole (which is so funny, because I know she believes what she’s saying

with all her heart) but I got also another new name: Mrs Metal – given by the boy who probably didn’t know how to call me

so that was the closest thing he could think of

bless 🙂


remember this?

photo of the triangular crochet shawl

photo of the crochet set on the model

photo of the fingereless mittens

photo of the crochet set

photo the pretty crochet mitten

I had a moment and I remembered about my shawls,

I have designed it few years ago

and forgot to make any last year, but found amazing photos of the matching set

made for custom order some time ago

so as a treat I thought I could offer them again as a custom make

in my online shop

I think I need to make them in those crazy colors as it makes the set look so happy 🙂

few more I have made and sold over years:

January 23, 2013

another beautiful color for my favorite necklace

by izabela

another beautiful color for my favorite necklace

photo of the delicate crochet necklace in maroon

photo of the flower necklace in maroon

Beautiful delicate crochet flower necklace (or bracelet if you wish 😉 )

just added to my website,

please feel free to comment and buy of course 😀

January 20, 2013

thanks to the snow

by izabela


thanks to the weather that came these days

we not only could have fun and play on snow

(this doesn’t really happen here very often)

kids didn’t go to school as they were shut

i didn’t go to work

and can finish the tax return earlier than i thought

(usually it is two days before it is due –

this year it maybe more than 7 days before)

let’s enjoy some snow before it is gone again



on the way


January 18, 2013


by izabela

After the almost two weeks in the new job I can actually say something about it. I know it is only beginning, I have never worked with children, but I really like the constant adventure that comes with working with them – you never know where they are going to take you. Maybe in a few months I will say: “I can’t take it anymore” but so far everyday brings me joy. A girl tells me today: “I really like when you are in our class”, the other girl “You are superb!” I am not going to say anything more as I know that most of us heard something like this – but it definitely makes my day, everyday.

A boy, I am helping in the class has been quite good to me: he can listen, he can draw, he can write and he can read books… I have to learn how to encourage him to try to do more, so he can learn more things that children his age do – it is a challenge but I am 100% positive that I can make it till July and later we’ll see 🙂

Jewellery has now dominated my crochet world, but guess what, it is CROCHETED as always, so many times have I tried to make just beaded pieces or just wire-wrapped – I can only say that those techniques are not for me, whatever I do, has to have a crochet hook as a tool 😉

And I just revamped my bedroom a little to make it more useful for my home work and first things are already popping out 🙂



crochet jewellery

January 10, 2013

New Year and new life…

by izabela

I do like changes in life, but only if something is wrong.

I had a great “job” nearly perfect, working for high end fine jewellery designer with diamonds and gold and more precious stones. I was doing the weaving, crocheting, experimenting, little office work and all the little bits. I was paid well and on time, the only problem was that I wasn’t actually employed there, I didn’t get paid holidays or couldn’t really easily take any time off when I needed, or I was spending three to four hours everyday traveling (of course when the trains were not late or cancelled, but with UK trains that happened almost everyday, so then less hours worked, less pay too), I did see some wealthy people and celebrities as the studio is in Notting Hill – amazing isn’t it? But that I could leave with, I always had a book or my crochet hook with me on the train I could make something, it is the not seeing my children everyday, that was killing me… and there was one more thing, the jewellery designer, she is nice, to the point when she just get nasty, because when something she did wrong she blamed everyone around, when I did something wrong – I was told “you know if you don’t like it, you can leave and you don’t have to come back” so when I have heard it for the third time and didn’t have a chance to explain what happened (nothing actually, but the point was to make the point) i said “ok, bye then” packed my bag and left.

It has happened long before Christmas, but I couldn’t talk about it until now, I was very upset, not only because I lost main income to support my family, the worst was that I left the place where I was invited to come, to work and was begged to start full time, but was always treated as the slave that is to do the weaving and a piece of furniture – which when not needed can be put aside.

Anyway, getting over it now, started new, less hours, lower rate job, but at least close to home and properly employed (I will tell you more about it some day 😉 ) and with soooo much time to grow and create new things again 🙂

Some new photos to share with you today, but more to tell you about them later.

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