The Hobbit

by izabela

I went to see “The unexpected journey” with a very sceptical mood, not because I thought something is wrong with it or who can beat who in a race to be the best film of the year, only because of the reviews and my friend’s comment that the film is very disappointing.
I wanted to see it because “Hobbit” was my favourite book when I was a kid and I probably read it at least once a month for couple of years 🙂 Now I completely forgot almost all story, but still have that feeling inside when I was reading it, that very nice feeling with going on the adventure together with Bilbo Baggins. I would probably agree with all reviewers about the film and how bad it is or how stretched all the scenes are or some characters shouldn’t be there, if I had all those high expectations for it but I don’t agree with them because the film took me and my inner child on the adventure and I cannot wait for next part. I liked Bilbo and I feared Golumn and will re-read the book next year because it is still best for me 🙂

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One Comment to “The Hobbit”

  1. I went to see the film after Christmas with my whole family and we all really enjoyed it. My very favourite bits were the scenes in Bilbo’s house, (I would love to live somewhere like that). And my favourite line “It’s a doily not a dishcloth”.

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