rip off or not rip off, that is the question

by izabela

i am sure you all remember my pattern for barefoot crochet sandals

published then:

footless sandlas

i am so very proud of myself, because after spending hours on writing it and working it out

hours on taking and editing photos to make your lives easier when you will be making them

a lot of time on editing the document to make pdf and also fixing mistakes in the pattern

it has sold in a quite big number of copies that i didn’t really expect

and thank you all for that

and this year i found that someone is selling those sandals online and making a profit from my design

without my permission

i know i let you use it and make it and you can if you want sell finished sandals to your friends or people you know

or maybe at a hand sale

but there is a note saying that I do not allow you to sell them online as i still make and sell them online

i am now waiting for a response for my second email to that company to find a good solution to that situation

and if i don’t get any satisfying answer i will share their details

i also have to say that they sell them for a very high price

so if you rather support the designer and maker of original version

please visit my shop and order your pair (or buy pattern to make your own)


my shop

thank you for all your support that i already received and all that i will receive

if you have any advice on how to deal with that situation

please also contact me or leave a message if you don’t mind


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