and yes, you have guessed…

by izabela

…the blanket is almost finished

only (?) weaving loose ends to do

hmm not too bad i think but annoying

and i agree with some of you

that left the comment here that the colors are really pretty

i think i would be very happy with a blanket like that at my place

but this one soon of to new home 🙂

and some nice photos with its progress:

crochet blanket

crochet blanket

granny square blanket

and this poor bird got caught at our home

when we left the door to patio opened

it is really windy here for last two days

like really, like leaves falling from the trees when they just started growing not long ago

like birds being just thrown inside your house suddenly

i mean at least that is what i think has happened

he could fly at home and he was trying to hide everywhere

not letting me see him nor catch him

but in the end

he got his freedom, i hope he is ok

because we saw him flying away…


lost bird


One Comment to “and yes, you have guessed…”

  1. aww what a cute little thing 🙂

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