more than vintage finds

by izabela

found those in my local antique shop

(i always love to go there

and just view everything many times and times again)





i love the patterning on the peacock

and ornaments on the other one

they are wooden blocks used to print the fabric

most possibly from india

no idea how old but they have just most beautiful patterns

more about this technique on wikipedia – woodblock printing


cannot wait to find some time to use them!






9 Responses to “more than vintage finds”

  1. Oh my! I am incredibly jealous that you found them! The are stunning!

  2. Oh, gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh, I feel really bad now. I had 5 gorgeous indian printing blocks just like those that I gave away a couple of years ago. I’d had them ages and didn’t think I’d use them again and I was going through one of my ‘de cluttering’ fazes… I am so stupid, Jez, KEEP HOLD OF THEM!!

  3. Wow, they are so beautiful. I’d love to stamp all sort of labels and cards with them. Have fun creating with your stamps!

  4. fabulous. love the peacock. I have seen other wood blocks that were usually more than I could afford. I hope you have fun block printing with them.

  5. ooh they are so beautiful I am incredibly jealous! I have fabric printing on my to do list and I have bought a few small stamps and paints but yet to actually start! The peacock is so beautiful I cannot wait to see the results of these 2 finds in action! They will be worth all the pennies spent on them!
    C x

  6. My gosh – what a fabulous find – not only useful, but beautiful as ornaments too!


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