thrifty buying

by izabela

i really like buying things of a good quality

but they don’t always have to be very expensive

i regularly visit my local charitiy shops and look for nice things

and i know i will not spend a lot of money as they cost almost nothing

this way i have something what if has been worn

still looks great

and it means it is good quality

i have more money left in my pocket

and what is really really important

i am lowering the amount of rubbish in this country 🙂



sounds funny but true

buying is the every nation worst disease

and the more and the cheaper

the more rubbish produced

recently i bought this lovely coat

and i love it so much


thrifty find

my new coat


also i thought i make something for me finally so i made this neck-warmer

“It can be worn as a hood or cape or neck-warmer.

Its unique design its called moebius (mobius) and it is a surface that has only one side and one boundary, some people call it infinity.”

i wear it almost every day

and love it so much

that i also put it in my etsy shop as a made to order


crochet cowl

my moebius neckwarmer



crochet cowl moebius infinity shawl

me wearing my creation


also i put as made to order my old design

long lace opera gloves



lacy fingerless gloves

my favorite gloves



crochet gloves

me wearing them 🙂


so what do you think

they not too bad, are they…?




3 Comments to “thrifty buying”

  1. lovely neck warmer – and the gloves are gorgeous – i too love a good charity shop bargain i’d rather have second-hand quality than first-hand tat 🙂

  2. I LOVE that coat! And that moebus scarf is wonderful too! I totally agree about charity shops, a good half of my clothes come from there, it ticks every box, I get to shop when I don’t have much money, I get new clothes and they are always different, and best of all, its best for the enviroment!

  3. Well said about buying being a disease! Terrific gloves and scarf – I love them both.

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