me and crochet and fashion

by izabela

i want to tell you a story

when i was little girl

i had a dream

or dreams

like many many other girls

i wanted to live in a lovely house with garden

have my own shop with clothes

and be a designer

but i was spending my time in my grandparent’s garden

weeding, feeding chickens and rabbits

going to the woods to collect mushrooms, all sorts of berries and herbs

that in the summer

and in the winter instead of drawing my dream pieces of design clothes

i was always solving math problems or doing crosswords

or playing lego 😦

that is why i never became a fashion designer

but now when older i still have dreams

and crochet fashion accessories in my spare time 🙂


so what i found recently on website?

delicious pieces:

crochet dress



macrame skirt


needlework tunic



weaved shoe



crochet bag


so this is how next summer looks like

i didn’t share with you best photos from that shows

so you can go and explore yourself


and there comes a question:

“isn’t this just what we do best?”

crochet, weave, macrame, knit, embroider and all the ancient crafts

so what are we waiting for?

let’s make something for ourselves that no one else would have

something really special and beautiful




8 Comments to “me and crochet and fashion”

  1. What an inspiring post, you are so right and I think we occasionally need reminding of that. It sound like a call to arms to all crafters – we should be shouting this from the roof tops. I’m going to copy and paste your mantra and put it above my desk, thanks Izabela x

    • There is a big message somewhere there for us, even if its hidden a little, but we all could do many things ourselves, we were not lost, we were not so dependent on on big companies making things… we still can make many things and still be beautiful 🙂
      thank you for your lovely comment

  2. Wow and wow again and wowser those are absolutely seriously STUNNING crochet dresses and bag and shoes. I like to crochet too but I’ve never made anything more exciting than a matching hat and scarf … how inspiring.

    • I would be brave and say that you or me or anyone could make something like that dress, there is a lot of practice involved (in some cases more in some less) but the true point is: we are more skilled in the subjects we enjoy. You wouldn’t be able to make your beautiful jewellery if you didn’t like it. Maybe if some else paid you for it, you would make jewellery, but not as pretty as when enjoying what you make :).

  3. Wow! Inbelievable finds! Gorgeous 🙂

  4. Great point!! And beautyfull founds. I also always try to think I can make it myself, but mostly time fails 😦

  5. Thank you so much for this inspiring post!

  6. The yellow one is to die for!!!
    Thank you!

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