by izabela

wow it has been such a long time

to be exact it was last year when i last blogged

but i am still here

creating more as the weather is crap, cold and wet


soon we all be thinking about some little surprises for our beloved ones

some hearts, chocolates or nice dinners

do you remember my little needle-felted bear?

i decided never to sell him because he is my little cute bear

and you know what

i think he loves me too 🙂



bear with crochet heart

i love you xxx


and if you like to crochet

found some lovely free crochet patterns for you to try

of course there is hips of them on the web

but these are some of my favorite



crochet heart from mygurumi

pop heart by diana from mygurumi


crochet fridgie from crochet spot

heart fridgie by rachel from crochet spot


tiny crochet heart from geeky crochet

heart applique by juliette from geeky crochet



filet crochet heart

heart coaster by joyce from jahodnett




crochet heart from cocoa cream

american folk-art style heart motif by kiel from cocoa cream



cute heart by pepika

crochet 3d heart by pepika from amigurumi dolls and animals



crochet heart

little granny square heart by bemedina from undisthreadness





2 Comments to “hearts”

  1. I LOVE your bear, I’ve never seen him before, he is absolutely gorgeous – I could never part with him either! Also love the first heart, it is so juicy looking!

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