did you have a lovely time?

by izabela

…through christmas?

we did

really lazy time this christmas mostly sitting at home

because the car didn’t want to start

and what is the funniest

the car has started with no problems today

(just right after christmas)



wishes from friends



visiting family

kids watching film 🙂



playing games

relaxing boxing day

origami from japanese patterned paper

look what i did on boxing day

i made some origami

close up 🙂

2 Comments to “did you have a lovely time?”

  1. Loving seeing the pictures of Christmas!

    Do you still want to join the Heart Swap? Am just tying up addresses and Blogs and can’t see your address (apologies if already sent) can you please send to –


    Thanks and Happy and Creative New Year to you and yours X

  2. Glad you had a good time… and that your car is feeling better now too – it obviously wanted a Christmas holiday! Hope 2011 brings lots of creative goodness for you and lots of lovely times with your family.

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