my creative space

by izabela

what I am working on recently

takes all my spare time

but there are commissions, something for myself and something for the future of my shop

there are some crazy photos


working on latest commission

latest commission

i am making now 4th pair of those elegant

long crochet opera gloves, but this is the second pair that is going to be long up to the

upper arm

exciting project 🙂



crochet flowers and dorset buttons

I there are some nice dorset buttons i bought from

big blue bed

(go to her lovely shop and see for yourself

some of the buttons are so tiny but so perfect and that are the ones i love)

i have an idea to make some very nice jewellery

but this is an ever-changing idea

and ever-growing so i don’t know when i am going to have results


crochet shawl, neckwarmer, mobius scarf
made and designed for myself

this is the moebius scarf in my way

i designed it myself and it is for me to wear

soon more photos


crochet hat

red crochet hat for my daughter

I hope my daughter likes this hat

it is nearly finished

started with some cute pattern form japanese crochet book

rest is my idea for the finishing



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