higher purpose of my business and the story

by izabela

i want to tell you about the article i just read

it is something many of us just don’t remember

thousands of handmade shops on the virtual space and another thousands just starting

because there is such an easy access to internet

blogging, social networking sites and easy way of paying for things

but do we really like to make things we desperately try to sell?

article about the story behind your business

worth reading and worth rethinking your your purposes


i can say that i love to crochet

i love perfect things

i love lace

i always dreamed about my own little boutique in a little village

having tea and biscuits with friends visiting me

i love to crochet and its mathematical patterns

i always loved maths and i was always pretty good at it

and i have a story

discovering new ways for traditional art of handmaking

but i am no good at writing stories unfortunately

so i am not a big seller on etsy with no time for myself

i am happy making my little orders for people that are happy to receive well made handmade

worth its price creation



let’s see what is that i was making recently…

crochet baby slippers in progress

almost ready ear warmers

crochet handwarmers in progress

crochet head/ear warmers are already available to buy from my shop

take care



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